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Stress Balls UK Wins Contract to Supply Barclays Bank

Stress Balls UK Wins Contract to Supply Barclays Bank

Stress Balls UK - Europe's leading supplier of custom stress shapes, recently won the yearly contract to supply Barclays Bank with 12,000 cube shaped stress balls.

(PRWEB) February 5, 2007

The majority of the cubes were destined for staff in local call centres and branches, and if you popped in to your local branch (in the UK), you would no doubt see them behind the counter. The remainder of the stress balls (http://www. stressballsuk. com/) were shipped to a call centre in South Africa.

Stress Balls UK were notified that an employee at one of the Barclays Call Centres where the cubes were destined was allergic to latex. Our products are made from 100% polyurethane therefore we could guarantee that no trace elements of latex were present, thus satisfying the Customer in this particular case, that our stress cubes were safe for distribution.

The stress cubes were produced in a size of 50mm x 50mm x 50mm, and were white with a cyan text print on every side - 72,000 prints in total!


The majority of people experience some form of stress at one time or another, which can be brought on by a number of different situations.

If for example you spend endless hours in an office or your situation restricts the amount of time you can take during the day to relax and unwind this is where a few minutes working with a stress ball can help.

Stress balls (http://www. stressballsuk. com/) work the reflexology points in the hand during a moment of tension or anxiety. Physical exercise can be an effective combatant against stress and if you are prone to anger or get upset you may find exercising with a stress ball and breathing deeply, a calming and therefore beneficial experience.

Stress toys (http://www. stressballsuk. com/) on their own are not the complete answer to reducing stress, however due to their size and accessibility they do provide speedy assistance which is only an arm's length away.


Corporations and many businesses today recognise that their workforce is their greatest asset. Stress Balls UK receive regular orders from forward thinking companies and institutions that value the health and welfare of their colleagues. Freely distributed around the workplace they provide the first port of call to an anxious or concerned workmate. The therapeutic qualities of stress balls are recognised and regular orders have been placed by UK and European Community health services.

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