Thursday, April 14, 2005

VestiTrak® Heeds Presidential Call for Medical Liability Reform

VestiTrak® Heeds Presidential Call for Medical Liability Reform

The medical software solution simplifies patient follow-up for Ob/Gyn providers.

Chicago, IL (PRWEB) February 15, 2005

In response to President George W. BushÂ’s call for medical liability (http://www. VestiTrak. com) reforms, VestiTrak announces the availability of their medical software (http://www. VestiTrak. com) solution for Ob/Gyn healthcare providers. A fully automated solution for patient follow-up, tracking and risk-management, VestiTrak enhances and streamlines the patient follow-up process, lowers administrative costs and increases revenues, in addition to lowering physician liability. A detailed presentation is available at http://www. vestitrak. com/demo. htm (http://www. vestitrak. com/demo. htm).

“We have the right solution to meet the need and we are making a difference in lowering medical liability,” explained Celine Kapila, President of VestiTrak.

According to the official government website (http://www. whitehouse. gov/news/releases/2003/01/20030116.html), Ob/Gyn insurance premiums in Pennsylvania alone have increased by an alarming 125% since 1998. President Bush proposes a national standard of proven, efficient and reasonable medical information technology (http://www. whitehouse. gov/news/releases/2005/01/20050127-2.html) measures to potentially reduce costs and improve health care quality by lowering medical liability costs and premiums.

The VestiTrak risk management system reduces physician liability by fully automating the patient follow-up and recall process. Automatic notification of abnormal test results, missed appointments and missing lab results improves the quality of patient care and eliminates the unnecessary costs, both financially and physically, created when patients “fall through the cracks.”

The fully customizable program creates an audit trail of follow-up activity for each patient and eliminates the need for data entry by directly transmitting lab results into a specific patientÂ’s file. In addition, the VestiTrak system generates over 50 management reports designed to provide valuable data in several practice areas. VestiTrak integrates seamlessly with existing scheduling and billing software and is fully HIPAA compliant.

About VestiTrak

VestiTrak (www. vestitrak. com) is a risk management software solution for patient tracking and follow-up. VestiTrak is helping numerous hospitals, physician groups, clinics, military bases, universities and public health facilities across the U. S. and in Europe reduce the risk of missed follow-ups, cut administrative costs and increase revenues. For more information, visit www. vestitrak. com.

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