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Indian Pharmaceutical Industry - A Giant in the Making

Indian Pharmaceutical Industry - A Giant in the Making

Healthcare sector in India observed an impressive growth in the past two decades. Growing at an annual rate of 11%, the Indian Pharmaceutical industry is estimated to be worth $6Bn at present.

(PRWEB) August 9, 2006

Enormous opportunities exist in the Indian Pharmaceutical sector, which is highly fragmented with over 20,500 registered units. There’re about 252 large and 8500 Small Scale Units, including 5 Central Public Sector Units, which form the core of the Indian Pharmaceutical industry. These units produce a complete range of pharmaceutical formulations.

Healthcare sector in India meets about 75% of the country's demand for bulk drugs, pharmaceutical formulations, drug intermediates, chemicals, capsules, tablets, orals and injectable.

The latest market research report on Indian healthcare sector "Opportunities in Indian Healthcare Sector" by RNCOS describes that about 72% of the healthcare market in India is captured by the leading 255 pharmaceutical companies, with the market leader holding about 8% of the market share.

As per the report, “There has been a dramatic growth in the Pharmaceutical market in India, during the last two decades. Indian Pharmaceutical industry, growing at 11% annually compared with the global industry rate of 7%, is now worth $6Bn in the global industry that’s worth $651Bn”.

According to the analysts at RNCOS, “India accounts for 23% of the global generics market and is rapidly emerging as a regional hub of global R&D activities in the healthcare space.

Key facts and issues addressed in the research report on Indian healthcare sector include:

What are the emerging trends in the Healthcare sector in India? Key regulations and the policy environment in the industry. What’s the future scenario of the Healthcare market in India? Who’re the Key players in the Healthcare Market in India? Opportunities in the healthcare sector in India. Challenges before the Indian healthcare industry. How the market is affected by other factors prevailing in the economy? Extensive research and objective analysis on the Healthcare Sector in India. Detailed data and analysis to help investors comprehend the changing dynamics of the healthcare market in India.

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