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EmpowER Ranked No. 4 by KLAS in EDIS Industry

EmpowER Ranked No. 4 by KLAS in EDIS Industry

In the 2006 Year-End Top 20 Report from KLAS Enterprises, ECDS EmpowER Systems is ranked No. 4 in the EDIS industry.

Chicago, IL (PRWEB) December 29, 2006

In the 2006 Year-End Top 20 Report from KLAS Enterprises, ECDS EmpowER Systems is ranked No. 4 in the EDIS industry.

The 127-page report offers data on all healthcare IT systems, from cardiology to ambulatory, from radiology to pharmacy—an extensive census on how dozens of systems have performed in the eyes of their front-end users.

The Emergency Department Systems section outlines how each EDIS vendor ranks according to criteria set forth by KLAS, such as percentage rated as best vendor, of which ECDS scored highest of any EDIS vendor, with an 80 percent satisfaction rate.

“We are ecstatic to learn that ECDS has been rated the No. 4 vendor in the entire EDIS industry,” said Seth Guterman, MD, president of ECDS. “We always work hard to keep our hospital partnerships strong and our EmpowER users happy. This report is essentially a report card by which to measure our performance as a vendor, both to take note of areas we could improve in, as well as revel in our successes.”

The report also takes into account various performance and business indicators, comprised of 40 criteria the KLAS researchers ask EDIS users to comment on. Some of these criteria include questions such as: Would you buy the product again? Did the vendor offer a fair contract? Was implementation on time? ECDS was ranked No. 2 in the performance and business indicators category.

“Our business model has always been one of total transparency and an open door policy,” said CEO Kimberly Alise. “Our partner hospitals know they can always come to us with candid comments and we will rectify any issues immediately. We know from the KLAS report that this has served us and our clients well.”

This report is an objective means of determining vendor performance in the healthcare IT marketplace, a vital tool for clinicians and hospitals in the EDIS evaluation process. ECDS looks forward to KLAS reports yet to come, but hopes to see some changes in some of the ways data are reported.

“In the future, we hope KLAS will distinguish comprehensive systems like EmpowER from modular or template systems,” said Kimberly Alise. “The ‘big bang’ approach employed by ECDS requires all clinicians to be on computers 24/7, setting us far apart from other vendors who sell bits and pieces of non-comprehensive systems. Nevertheless, we are thrilled to be included in the report with such a high ranking, and we feel confident that our numbers will only improve with time.”

Because KLAS data is copyrighted, the report itself is not available for publication here. However, if you would like to purchase the report, please visit KLAS’ website at www. healthcomputing. com.


KLAS Enterprises focuses solely on the healthcare technology industry, researching software, professional services firms, and medical equipment. KLAS independently monitors vendor performance through the participation of healthcare organizations.


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