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Crush It! Event Positions Mobile Marketing Giant iZigg as a Household Name

Crush It! Event Positions Mobile Marketing Giant iZigg as a Household Name

As renowned speakers, businesses and media gurus gathered for a weekend of mobile marketing fun, iZigg cements its status as the Dotcom of the text message advertising industry. iZigg’s innovative platform and acquisition of short code 90210 means that mobile advertising is not limited to Fortune 500 marketing budgets. Small-to-midsized businesses can easily and economically launch full-scale mobile marketing campaigns through iZigg.

Atlanta, GA (PRWEB) August 20, 2010

iZigg, the mobile marketing powerhouse which owns exclusive rights to the ubiquitous text code 90210, recently celebrated the Dallas launch of Crush It!, a weekend event where celebrity speakers who are passionate about iZigg, mobile media giants and top business leaders discovered how to harness the direct marketing power of text message advertising.

The three-day event included cutting-edge interactive contests, free giveaways and an interactive multimedia event which demonstrated just how mobile marketing is set to take the advertising world by storm. Speaker highlights included iZigg leaders and mobile promotion gurus Jason Borne, Dr. Scott Elliott and co-CEO’s Brian Underwood and David Liniado. Guests were also treated to world-renowned speakers Ron Heagy, Joseph McClendon III and Jairek Robbins - son of Tony Robbins and renowned expert in peak performance strategies.

McClendon III – an iZigg agent who has spoken to 2.5 million people worldwide as an in-demand performance strategist and regularly writes for Oprah Magazine and Success from Home Magazine -- brought the standing room only audience to the edges of their seats with his dynamic performance of what it takes to go “Further Faster”. Ron Heagy’s inspiring life experiences with the power of “Life is an Attitude” moved the audience to tears. Finally, Jairek Robbins captivated his listeners by revealing key secrets to personal and professional success, which included powerful points on lasting results in life and business.

“The room was absolutely buzzing with energy after our surprise speakers took to the stage,” says co-CEO and founder Underwood. “It really made people excited to get creative and shake up their traditional marketing strategies with text message advertising.”

Several of the attendees enthusiastically agreed with Underwood’s statement. “It moved me to recognize my potential” said Lucy A. Puniwai. “I haven’t felt like this about anything in a very long time!” Dan Garner added: “My level of trust in the iZigg leadership team is through the roof!”

Founded in 2010, iZigg has led the way in mobile marketing innovations. Commonly referred to as the “dotcom” of the text message advertising industry, iZigg’s recent acquisition of the most recognizable short code in the world – 90210 – means that over 30 million small-to-midsized businesses can launch a full-scale mobile promotion campaign for a fraction of Fortune 500 marketing budgets. With recent studies showing that 97% of all SMS messages are opened and read by recipients, iZigg’s clients are ensuring that they can successfully leverage their smaller marketing budgets to reap phenomenal success.

“The success of our Crush It! event only illustrates how powerful mobile marketing will become in 2010 and beyond,” says Underwood. “As a leader in the text message advertising industry, iZigg will ensure that our clients are the first to capitalize on this emerging marketing channel.”

The next iZigg Crush It! event will be held in San Diego from September 17-19 2010.

About iZigg:

iZigg is poised to revolutionize the way over thirty million small businesses as well as groups of any size stay connected and communicate with their customers and members. As fast as technology is changing, businesses need a partner to help them navigate and harness the power of new mobile technologies. iZigg offers a proprietary new approach in both acquiring and retaining customers in the rapidly emerging multi-billion dollar mobile media industry. Through the acquisition of TEXT90210, iZigg is developing and launching the largest mobile marketing company in the U. S. and beyond. iZigg also provides exclusive 90210 iChannels to provide mobile news and updates instantly in the areas of celeb, diet, finance, green, health, glam and more. Give it a try, text “Health” to 90210!