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Empowering Women to Take Sexuality into Their Own Hands

Empowering Women to Take Sexuality into Their Own Hands

Erotica meets the ultimate tale of revenge in the humorously voyeuristic novel, "The M. O.O. D. Lounge." Discovering that their men have sexed them stupid, three previously naive women are determined to take charge of their sexuality, and their orgasms.

Markham, IL (PRWEB) February 26, 2007

Former Ebony Magazine sex editor, Zondra Hughes, prepares for May's National Orgasm Month with her witty and thought-provoking erotica novel, "The M. O.O. D. Lounge" (ISBN 978-0-595-43192-2, IUniverse, 2007).

How low will women go for 'love'?

Some women will hit rock bottom; but others will continue to dig.

This is a tale about the diggers--and their ultimate redemption.

Renegade New York sex therapist Dr. Pat Rizzo has stumbled onto a new phenomenon she calls "Lovers Lobotomy Syndrome," or LLS. Discovering that men have finally learned to sexually satisfy women, Dr. Rizzo determines "women are being sexed into stupidity." Men have perfected their lovemaking skills, and otherwise brilliant women are now allowing their men to run over them. She sets out to find the three most zombie-like women in New York and devise a plan to rehabilitate them.

The M. O.O. D. Lounge, or "Multiple Orgasms on Demand," is Dr. Rizzo's new, cutting edge therapy. Described as "a self-esteem enhancing journey of erotica that takes courage, sexual awareness and honesty," it doesn't come too soon for three hopeless women. Meet Eva James, 26, a high powered entertainment publicist who falls in love with her married client; Fawn LaFollette, 18, a clairvoyant Hurricane Katrina evacuee who finds her calling in the NY porn industry; and Drusilla Vidal, 44, a no-nonsense prosecutor who begins a torrid jailhouse affair with a convict.

Hughes takes readers on a wild ride as she showcases the evolution of these emotionally wounded women who go from making a man the center of their being, to eventually coming to their senses and reclaiming their power. Armed with their battery-operated boyfriends, the women join forces making the part group therapy/part adult toy party, The M. O.O. D Lounge, their official playhouse.

"I want to encourage women to be proactive with their health and happiness" says Hughes, "and protective with their heart. Women need to love themselves enough to establish who they are sexually, and establish boundaries when dealing with lovers."

An overwhelming response from women to Hughes' strong underlying message has turned The M. O.O. D Lounge from a fictitious support group in the novel, into a real-life woman only, traveling social event for the toy curious and veteran sexually independent women alike. A classy, modern-day paradise inspiring its over 50,000 women members to be more selective when choosing their mates, Hughes kicks off her nationwide book, publicity, and "The M. O.O. D. Lounge" tour in February 2007.

A fictional tale with a modern day message for women everywhere, Hughes hopes to repair the Universal Sisterhood with her blueprint for self-love and sexual exploration.

And in the wise words of Dr. Rizzo - "Men should take note: the B. S. ends now."

Zondra Hughes, 30, is the editorial director for e-zines Savoymag. com and N'Digo. com.

Previously, she was the sex and relationship editor at Ebony magazine; six years of reporting salacious tales of love and woe set the groundwork for Hughes' foray into Chick Lit and her first novel. Chosen as one of Chicago's '50 Hottest Singles' by Today's Chicago Woman, the divorcée is undeniably outspoken and unapologetically single. The bi-coastal author resides in Chicago and Los Angeles. "The M. O.O. D. Lounge" (ISBN 978-0-595-43192-2, IUniverse, 2007) can be purchased online through www. moodlounge. org now, and Amazon. com and Barnesandnoble. com beginning in March. Review copies available upon request.