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IridianÂ’s Iris Recognition Authentication Completes Common Criteria Testing

IridianÂ’s Iris Recognition Authentication Completes Common Criteria Testing

Canberra, Australia (Nov. 7, 2002) - Iridian Technologies iris recognition products, the KnoWho Server and PrivateID, have completed final testing towards the international IT security standard ISO 15408 - also known as the Common Criteria.

Canberra, Australia (PRWEB) November 15, 2003

Iridian Technologies iris recognition products, the KnoWho Server and PrivateID, have completed final testing towards the international IT security standard ISO 15408 - also known as the Common Criteria.

IT Security evaluation against the Common Criteria is performed by only a handful of governments worldwide, including the National Security Agency in the US, and AustraliaÂ’s foremost IT security advisory body, the Defence Signals Directorate (DSD), through the Australasian Information Security Evaluation Programme (AISEP).

The testing, completed on behalf of the Defence Signals Directorate, has been conducted by CMG.

CMG's Security Evaluation Programme Controller, Zaid Alsaji stated that the entire evaluation is now nearing completion. “Both the functional and penetration testing of the product has been completed and the results of this testing are being documented to meet the requirements of the AISEP. CMG expects to produce and deliver the final Evaluation Technical Report to the AISEP Certification Group before the end of this calendar year."

“DSD, through the AISEP, have used some of the most sophisticated techniques available to independently validate the security assurance claims of this product” said Bruce Lyman from Argus Solutions, the Iridian Technologies partner sponsoring the testing process. “The evaluation results are recognised by over 13 countries, with many others looking to the standard when assessing IT security functionality. It will also add to a growing body of independent testing already completed on these products”.

One of the fastest growing sectors in the IT security market, biometrics tie the IT user to the IT action in a way that was not previously possible. IridianÂ’s iris recognition biometric offers the most accurate rates of identification of any biometric process, and forms the basis of a forensic level of audit in IT sessions.

According to Bill Willis, the Chief Technology Officer at Iridian Technologies, the iris process is non-invasive and does not require physical contact for identification or verification. Other independent testing over the past 4 years has shown iris recognition to have a false accept rate of 0% over several million attempts, and a first attempt false reject rate of 1.8%. “These rates are an order of magnitude more accurate than any other biometric process” said Willis.

Interest is clearly growing in biometric systems. According to Frank Fitzsimmons, Chief Operating Officer at Iridian Technologies, the strong end-to-end authentication offered by iris recognition has given the company confidence to submit the product to this degree of scrutiny. “We back our performance claims and welcome this IT security evaluation. It will be the most significant independent testing completed on any biometric, which will in turn give our customers added confidence in our product”.

Michelle Lewis, Strategic Business Manager 90East Professional Services Group stated that 90East has been working closely with Iridian Technologies and Argus-Solutions in Australia for the last twelve months to prepare the necessary documentation to meet the Common Criteria requirements. “As a committed supporter of Common Criteria certification, 90East is delighted to have provided evaluation support for certification of such an innovative

Biometric technology and is looking forward to working with Iridian and Argus Solutions in the future. 90East congratulates Iridian Technologies and Argus Solutions in reaching the end of Common Criteria testing”.

About Iridian Technologies

Iridian Technologies, Inc. of Moorestown, NJ and Geneva, Switzerland, leads the world in research, development and marketing of authentication technologies based on iris recognition – the most accurate biometric identifier. Holder of exclusive US and international patents on the core concepts and technologies behind iris recognition, Iridian offers unparalleled security for physical facilities, information networks and electronic transactions. With blue-chip investors and Fortune 1000 customers in banking, transportation, healthcare and security as well as law enforcement and government, Iridian Technologies is committed to providing the authentication infrastructure critical for today’s rapidly evolving e-commerce needs and for tomorrow’s wireless world. For more information, visit www. iridiantech. com

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Argus Solutions specialises in the development and delivery of iris recognition applications and solutions. In addition to IT security, Argus also offers iris-enabled, secure solutions for physical access, asset management, dispensing of controlled substances, visitor management and time & attendance tracking. Utilising the unparalleled identification powers of iris recognition technology, these solutions are ideal for facilities where security is of paramount importance. Additionally, these solutions offer cost cutting process improvements providing both financial and operational benefits to all organisations no matter what size or industry. Based in Sydney, and Canberra, and represented regionally in New Zealand, Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong and Japan, Argus Solutions has a growing client base including major government agencies.

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