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Slim Secrets Smart Snacking Protein Bars Launch in Asia

Slim Secrets Smart Snacking Protein Bars Launch in Asia

Slim Secrets protein bars which are already taking Australia and New Zealand by storm have recently be launched in China and Singapore.

Melbourne, Victoria (PRWEB) June 12, 2007

The team at Slim Secrets, famous for Morning Rev-Up, Afternoon Snack - Attack, Night Time Binge-Buster and Mintabolism Boost bars has recently launched in China and Singapore.

Slim Secrets is a unique product designed to combat common snacking habits, providing tasty nutritious bars that will quickly become a best-kept secret to maintaining a happy satisfied body. At last there are protein bars on the market that not only taste great but have a nutritional panel to match. Slim Secrets snack bars with cool names like Afternoon Snack Attack and Mintabolism Boost are high in fibre and protein, low GI, wheat free and contain no Tran's fat. They are also Halal approved which has been well received in Asia.

They are fast becoming the most popular bars in town. The bars release energy slowly for that full feeling -- all that needs to do be done to choose the best bar is read the label.

"The team at Slim Secrets is committed to making the most nutritious balanced product for busy people at the same time serving up our customers a healthy dose of fun."

When looking for a morning wake up call without the calories try Slim Secrets Morning Rev-Up. One of the first bars of this type to contain real coffee, this bar will kick start the day and give the secret of satisfied tummy all morning.

Or, if reaching for the chocolate at 3 o'clock everyday, Afternoon Snack-Attack can come to the rescue. This delicious choc caramel and nut snack bar's secret high protein level may stop that reaching for the fizzy drinks, chippies and chocolate.

Night Time Binge-Buster is also a smart snacking secret weapon for the sweet cravings after dinner. Real berries with low Carb white choc it tastes as good as it sounds.

Mintabolism Boost is a popular chewy choc mint bar which contains green tea extract with a taste that is too good to be true once you look at the nutritional panel.

Quality ingredients have been sourced for Slim Secrets bars, including real berries, real ground coffee beans, soy proteins and low carbohydrate chocolate to provide consumers with a healthy snack that hits the hunger spot.

Check out the Slim Secrets website -- a precious resource of invaluable nutrition and health tips, plus secrets for everyday people to achieve individual goals. Visit www. slimsecrets. com. au

For inquiries about Slim Secrets stockists in Singapore please contact Essential Living Tel: (65) 6276 1380 or visit them at www. essliv. com

For further information please contact:
Sharon Thurin
Slim Secrets
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