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After 10 Years A Stronger and More Enhanced Form of Viagra Now Available

After 10 Years A Stronger and More Enhanced Form of Viagra Now Available

The Board Certified Physicians of Manhattan Scientific, Inc. have developed the strongest and most effective libido/intimacy enhancement therapy called VaietTM 110/L-Arginine for men and VaietTM 60/L-Arginine for women.

New York, NY (PRWEB) June 15, 2009

Manhattan Scientific, Inc. is proud to announce the release of their exclusive Viagra/Arginine Intimacy Enhancement Therapy or VAIET (named after their clinical study). Vaiet is the most advanced medication of its kind. Viagra (chemical/generic name-Sildenafil Citrate) is Pfizer's FDA-approved drug used to treat male Erectile Dysfunction (ED) and recently Female Sexual Arousal Disorder (FSAD). It increases the body's ability to achieve and maintain an erection during sexual stimulation as well as to increase blood flow and sensitivity of the clitoral-vaginal regions to achieve orgasm. Vaiet 110 was developed for men to overcome tolerance to commonly prescribed ED medications and to produce much stronger erections. Vaiet 60 is made specifically for women based on research studies indicating that doses greater than 50mg and below 100mg is of most benefit to women in greatly enhancing their sexual response cycle (ex. desire, sensitivity and orgasm).

Adding L-Arginine greatly increases the levels of Nitric Oxide (NO) in the corpus cavernosum and the clitoral-vaginal area, resulting in smooth muscle relaxation and inflow of blood. This causes engorgement leading to erection and stretching of nerve endings resulting in increased sensitivity and pleasure.

What are the claimed benefits of using Manhattan Scientific, Inc.'s exclusive Vaiet?
Sildenafil Citrate is already researched and proven safe and effective.

-Research shows that tolerance to ED medications does develop which is overcome by having the additional 10mg and L-Arginine.

-All the benefits of L-Arginine and its conversion to Nitric Oxide (NO).

-The strongest and most enhanced treatment of its kind.

-No increased side effects with the addition of L-Arginine and the 10mg.

-Made at a Board Certified FDA approved compounding US pharmacy.

-Patented microencapsulation for quicker absorption (30 min for onset of action with Vaiet 110mg capsules compared to 60 min for the regular 100mg tablets).

Manhattan Scientifics' Patented Microencapsulation Technology

Illustration of a single pore on the capsule about to release our exclusive Vaiet for absorption.

Here are some comments from Manhattan Scientific, Inc.'s patients on Vaiet 110 for men and Vaiet 60 for women:

"I am 53. I am a physician and have battled ED for many years. This is an incredible development. The genius is in the formula. I'm a frequent user of Vaiet 110 and it never let me down (no pun intended). And your cost is better than anyone out there. A huge thanks to the Manhattan Scientific docs."-Anthony, B.

"I am 48. I've used the different ED drugs for 3 years but became tolerant to them. The 100mg was not as effective as before. I am very happy with Vaiet 110 and how well it works. I would never switch to another ED treatment because this is the best."-Jonathan, W.

"I am 52. I suffer from menopause and lack of orgasms is part of the problem. I was skeptical that Vaiet 60 would do anything. On the first dose I felt a significant difference physically and was able to achieve an orgasm. Something I had not experienced for quite some time."-Rhonda, H.

"He is 52. My husband has been diabetic for 24 years. He started having problems maintaining an erection. I have menopause causing vaginal dryness and reduced sensitivity. We read about Manhattan Scientifics' Vaiet 110 for him and Vaiet 60 for her and ordered it the same evening. I took mine and he took his. I tell you-it was incredible! After a long time-we both achieved orgasm at the same time. We can go for hours now. Our love life has never been better."-Suzanne, P.

"He is 41. I did not realize the importance of "sex" in a relationship, but I guess my husband did. I hate to admit this, but we have not been able to have adequate sex in over a year now. He has taken all the different erectile medications with diminishing results. I did not understand his anger and frustration, but I think it was his ego and his pride that we females do not understand fully. He finally opened up to me about all of this frustration and told me he that these medications were not producing the same initial results and that there was no breakdown in the relationship. We searched the internet and found Manhattan Scientifics' Vaiet 110. He was so anxious to try it-we ordered right away. Wow! What a difference 10mg with this L-Arginine and a technology called microencapsulation can make."-Michelle, A.

To speak to a patient support representative call Kelly O'Shea of Manhattan Scientific, Inc. at:
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