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Is a Small Business Owner the Key to our Economic Recovery?

Is a Small Business Owner the Key to our Economic Recovery?

Mike Vallerie, a small business owner and employer, is running for Congress in Maryland’s 7th district. He explains how Congress’ lack of business experience affects decision making in today's economy. Mike points out that what is obvious to small employers is invisible to politicians. In addition, Mike Vallerie provides reasonable solutions that result in a reduction of federal spending and job creation.

Baltimore, MD (PRWEB) September 10, 2010

Mike Vallerie, a Maryland small business owner and employer is running for Congress as a result of the passing of the Stimulus Bill and the Affordable Health Choices Act of 2009. "These bills are bad decisions that defy common sense.”

Mike Vallerie believes that the current political leaders lack the business experience required to make decisions regarding our economy. “We have a large number of highly educated men and women in power, with no direct experience as employers and no bottom line responsibility, dictating what it takes to make an economy healthy,” says Vallerie.

According to Vallerie, it is impossible to expect an economic recovery without addressing the following:

1. The residential construction market cannot recover from its over-inflation due to fraudulent mortgages.
2. The systematic outsourcing of manufacturing, eliminates jobs for a significant portion of the American workforce.
3. By ignoring abuses of health care and social insurance programs, abusers are effectively rewarded for cheating the system.

“Instead of policing the abuse, the government continues to expand these programs. Many lower income Americans find it financially beneficial to collect social insurance and work ‘off the books".

Mike Vallerie believes that Washington has forgotten the collective identity of the average American worker and he points out our high school graduates and non-graduates make up one-half of America's workforce. “By outsourcing manufacturing, the employment opportunities for these American workers have been reduced. This segment of our economy is the first to be fired and the last to be hired. This is where we need the jobs,” says Vallerie. “Creating jobs at this level will create jobs at all levels. It will be a trickle up effect!”

As a taxpayer, Mr. Vallerie cites that Washington has forgotten who the taxpayers are and more accurately they ignore the fact that half of the American workforce is shouldering the tax burden for the whole workforce and “we the taxpayers are not an endless source of revenue”.

In fact, Washington has been more interested in the efforts of special interest groups such as ACORN than in its taxpaying citizens. Whatever happened to the "greater good"?

Vallerie finds that two idioms apply here: "the squeaky wheel gets the grease," and the person who keeps his "nose to the grindstone" pays for it.

According to the Small Business Administration, small business is responsible for 80% of this country's newly created positions. In addition, Vallerie reminds us that small business is the primary agent for our government for the collection of income tax and sales tax, and the primary distributor of health insurance. The federal government does not contribute 50% to the cost of health care. The taxpayer may or the employer may, but it is not the federal government.

The demise of the American manufacturing industry is also linked to the deterioration of the American worker's attitude. According to Vallerie, “today the sense of entitlement is so high that many small business employers will forgo growth opportunities to avoid the frustration of dealing with workers”.

Social insurance programs are grossly abused. However, political leaders are in denial.

Mike Vallerie’s platform clarifies problems and promotes solutions. His website focuses on the following: comprehensive manufacturing plan, health care, the need for tax reform, and illegal immigration.

His comprehensive manufacturing plan addresses three different areas of concern on different levels. Click on the links below for details.

1. The local level (http://www. mikev4congress. com/educationlabor. html)-- Education: preparing young persons for the workforce. High school graduate and non-graduates are not prepared for the workforce and do not possess the self-discipline or confidence required to maintain steady employment.

2. The state level (http://www. mikev4congress. com/mfgcomprehensiveapproac. html)-- The costs of social insurances are driving employers to hire people as subcontractors or to not hire at all. Insurances are over exploited by insurance companies, attorneys, physicians and individuals. This exploitation is the root of our failure with insurances.
A. Health Care Benefits (http://www. mikev4congress. com/healthcareoursolution. html). In 2009, Vallerie Trailer Service's monthly health premium for each family was $1,550, which is $9 per hour, $4.50 to the employee and $4.50 to the employer. "This explains why none of our employees take family coverage".
B. Unemployment Compensation (http://www. mikev4congress. com/unemploymentbenefits. html). Disgruntled employees walk off the job and the Department of Employment continually finds the employer guilty of dismissing the employee with out proper cause. The ex-employee is granted benefits, the employer's tax rate is increased and the employer must hire a new person to do that job.
C. Worker Compensation (http://www. mikev4congress. com/tortreformworkerscomp. html): In 2008, Vallerie Trailer Service (http://www. Vallerietrailer. com) had two claims, one was significant and an honest accident($90,000). In the second claim, the employee worked for them for only one hour. This was a $20,000 claim for a cut on the thumb (possible nerve damage). Due to these two claims, Vallerie Trailer Service lost their 20% discount and now pays a 30%surcharge.

3. The national level (http://www. mikev4congress. com/manufacturing. html)-- Tariffs can be utilized as a tool to bring back just enough manufacturing (5% is all we need) to get all Americans back in good paying jobs.

This manufacturing plan does not require stimulus funds.

The platform also addresses health care and explains why tort reform is a viable answer. In addition, the plan explains how, by using tort reform and by eliminating coverage for routine care, we will see a reduction in the cost of routine care to the point that routine office visits are affordable for everyone.

For the complete details about my platform, please visit http://www. MikeV4Congress. Com (http://www. mikev4congress. com/mfgcomprehensiveapproac. html)