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Skincare Anti-Aging Breakthrough: Idebenol and Idebenone Skin Care Arrives

Skincare Anti-Aging Breakthrough: Idebenol and Idebenone Skin Care Arrives

Skincare-News. com explains the long-awaited arrival of idebenol and idebenone, two potent anti-aging ingredients.

Sacramento, CA (PRWEB) May 21, 2008

Used to treat Alzheimer's disease, depression and stroke, idebenone only recently entered the skin care market with a big, exciting bang; dermatologists and patients alike anticipated its arrival. Idebenol, a similar ingredient, has also enjoyed surging popularity. Skincare-News. com's latest article, "Idebenol and Idebenone," discusses the research behind both idebenol and idebenone and how they are effective anti-aging ingredients.
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For one, idebenol and idebenone guard skin against free radical damage, says dermatologist Audrey Kunin, M. D. It's free radicals, or environmental factors, including chemicals, pollutants and cigarette smoke, that damage skin and cause signs of aging, such as Idebenol. UV rays also produce free radicals, harming cell proteins and lipids, causing cell damage and death, Dr. Daniel B. Mowrey tells SkinStore. One study found that idebenol protects cells from UV damage and death, whereas untreated cells had a much higher death rate, adds Dr. Mowrey.

Research also suggests idebenol boosts skin renewal, a process where skin cells go through stages of growing, flaking away and being replaced by new cells, clarifies Dr. Mowrey. In younger people, the renewal rate is faster than older people. Dr. Mowrey cites a study where renewal rates were measured for a mature group -- averaging 67 years old -- and a young group -- averaging 29 years old. The mature group applied idebenol, whereas the young group received no treatment. The mature group's average renewal rate dropped from 24.1 days -- their rate before treatment -- to 18.6 days. The young group's renewal rate was 16.6 days on average. So, this study suggests that idebenol speeds up cell renewal, producing smooth, new skin to replace rough, older skin.

Idebenone: Described as a "high-octane antioxidant" by Linda Dyett in an article for Prevention magazine, idebenone is viewed as a super-antioxidant. A variant of Coenzyme Q10, idebenone might actually be more powerful than its chemical cousin. For instance, Coenzyme Q10 is open to oxidization, which actually creates harmful free radicals. Idebenone doesn't do this, giving it an advantage. Smart SkinCare's Dr. Todorov -- biologist and cell researcher -- also notes that idebenone might fight off free radicals better than Coenzyme Q10. However, he adds that studies directly comparing Coenzyme Q10 and idebenone as skin treatments are needed. According to Dr. Kunin, specific tests that measure an antioxidant's efficiency have suggested idebenone's superiority over other antioxidants, including Coenzyme Q10, vitamin E and C and kinetin.

Currently, both idebenol and idebenone are included separately in various anti-aging creams. You might want to talk with your dermatologist about the best formula for a particular skin type's needs.

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