Tuesday, January 2, 2007

Thacker Agency. com Launches Short-TermHealthInsurance. com

Thacker Agency. com Launches Short-TermHealthInsurance. com

Thacker Agency. com launches short-termhealthinsurance. com providing a national footprint for their short term health insurance products.

Greensboro, NC (PRWEB) March 15, 2006

North Carolina based health insurance advisory agency Thacker Agency. com has just launched a new website with a nationwide footprint www. short-termhealthinsurance. com. The Thacker Agency is a family business that has been serving the health insurance needs for groups and individuals in North Carolina for 35 years.

Thacker Agency will provide its expertise to the entire country the way they have been doing in North Carolina. Short term health insurance is an inexpensive way to maintain health insurance coverage between jobs or for students who are just out of school. The new website currently features insurance from well known and high quality insurance companies like Assurant Health insurance (formerly Fortis Insurance) and Celtic Insurance. http://www. short-termhealthinsurance. com (http://www. short-termhealthinsurance. com) is only the first step in their expansion plans.

Thacker Agency. com is known for making the insurance process convenient, easy, and smooth for its clients. The internet allows Thacker Agency. com to provide exceptional service over a much larger area than has ever been possible. Historically they have done business face-to-face on convenient house calls. This website allows them to make "house calls" across the country.

"Our agency prides itself in being much more than just a free quote and apply online service. While we offer that service as well, we are dedicated to being a full service agency no matter how many clients we get or products we provide. Personal service will always be our hallmark," said Brian Thacker, President and second generation health insurance agent.

Eventually, Thacker Agency. com will provide its expertise for dental insurance, life insurance, and long term care insurance nationwide over the internet as well. Although it is a large undertaking to expand from a single state operation to a nationwide operation, in time, Thacker Agency. com wants to become synonymous with affordable high quality insurance and insurance services at the clients' convenience.

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