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Cure Bad Breath Forever Using Household Ingredients

Cure Bad Breath Forever Using Household Ingredients

Eliminate Your Bad Breath Forever Even If Everything Else You Have Tried Has Failed. Long-time Bad Breath Suffer and Author Tommy Kavanagh Shows You Exactly How You Can Eliminate Your Bad Breath Using His Proven 4 Step Plan, Two Dirt-Cheap Household Ingredients and Applying 3 Minutes a Day.

Raleigh, NC (PRWEB) February 19, 2005

Author Tommy Kavanagh, was a chronic Bad Breath sufferer who had tried every over-the-counter cure he could to alleviate his Bad Breath problem, but nothing worked. So he decided to find a cure himself. He spent 3 years of his life (and almost $3000 of his own money) researching for a cure, before he finally found the solution of curing, not only his Bad Breath, but others too.

Kavanagh found that most Bad Breath problems could be cured using only two simple ingredients that you probably already have in your kitchen. In fact the ingredients can be found in any drug store, it can be purchased without a prescription and can last up to a month. It is very inexpensive and a months supply would only cost $0.99.

Now combine Kavanagh’s special solution with his 4 step plan and you have a winning formula in getting rid of Bad Breath forever.

His continues to sell more of his product for three reasons, it actually works, the plan is easy to follow, and the ingredients are freely available and inexpensive.

Many suffers start seeing results immediately after using only one application.

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"I have been following the 4 steps and I think I am seeing some results. It is extremely easy and I only have one complaint: I wish I had found your website before I spent all that money at Breath Appeal." – Testimonial

Even long time sufferers of Bad Breath have cured their Bad Breath problems using Kavanagh’s techniques.

"I have been struggling with halitosis for 30 YEARS and was laughing as I read the report... you were talking to me like you had first-hand knowledge of ALL the things I have been through, all the gum, mints EVERYthing I have uselessly spent money on trying to fix this problem! I downloaded the report on Tuesday August 26 and started the routine that night before I went to bed! You were right in that I already had ALL the ingredients I needed right there at home (including the tongue scraper that I thought was useless but now know it must be used in conjunction with something else in order to WORK)! I felt the difference immediately even though it was one application.

As O woke up this morning, I checked my breath immediately (that being my true test) but even before that, I could TASTE the difference! After only ONE application all I can say is "WOW"!!!” – Testimonial.

Http://just106info. info (http://just106info. info) offers Kavanagh’s report.

Kavanagh’s report covers a wide range of solutions to curing Bad Breath, complete with a section on which "trigger foods" could be triggering your Bad Breath (these are not just the obvious ones you know about). By simply cutting down on these foods could be all you need to make your problem vanish into thin air.

Learn a scientifically proven (but little-known) secret ingredient that freshens your breath in seconds, by rapidly normalizing acid levels in your mouth. You can get this easily from health food stores everywhere. See page 15 of Kavanagh’s report.

Learn how you can slash your bad breath in half, simply by drinking the right amount of water every day. Be careful not to follow the wrong advice on how much water to drink. Just follow the simple guide on page 3 of Kavanagh’s report.

Also learn how to use your body's own natural "immune booster" to dissolve away your bad breath in 3 minutes flat. See page 11 of Kavanagh’s report. This keeps your breath so cool and fresh for the rest of the day.

About http://just106info. info (http://just106info. info)

Kavanagh’s report shows you exactly how to eliminate your Bad Breath problem, by providing you with what ingredients are needed to create the cure, and a simple step-by-step plan to rid you of Bad Breath forever.

Kavanagh’s doesn’t leave you hanging either, he is so sure he can cure your Bad Breath problems that he offers a double your money-back-guarantee if you are at all unhappy with the report. Not only that, he also offers you his own email address so that he can provide you with a one on one consultation absolutely free.

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