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Breast Cancer Survivor Launches Web Site to Support Pink Ribbon Awareness

Breast Cancer Survivor Launches Web Site to Support Pink Ribbon Awareness

Rhonda Haynes, and sister Wanda Shea, created CowgirlsInPink. com to support pink ribbon awareness after Shea's battle with breast cancer. Their Web site offers a vast assortment of pink products and accessories for breast cancer supporters and survivors. In addition to spreading the word about healthy living for women, they hope to add clothing and wigs for women who have courageously won the fight.

Mingus, TX (PRWEB) October 3, 2009

Rhonda Haynes, and sister Wanda Shea, have been educators for years. As teachers they are committed to spreading knowledge and guidance to each of their students. Lately, they have taken on a new field of education: breast cancer awareness. After Shea's recent battle with breast cancer, the women have been dedicated to raising money and generating support for women who are amidst their own struggle with the disease. Thus, www. CowgirlsInPink. com was created.

These sisters are proud to offer a variety of pink ribbon products because each purchase helps to fund mammograms for women who are battling breast cancer. An assortment of hats, gifts and accessories, jewelry, purses, T-shirts, stationary and bath products are available on their Web site.

"Mainly, I just want to let people know that we want to be able to fund mammograms. We will also set up a service locally for people who must undergo chemo and expand support groups throughout our area," Haynes said.

The women believe that a preventative approach to breast cancer will generate a heightened awareness through education and group support. Their products are intended to make these victims feel better while looking better. In response to the physical and emotional changes breast cancer victims will undergo, Haynes and Shea have made it their mission to provide inspiration and motivation through their merchandise and support.

They hope to add bras, prosthetics, wigs and blouses specially designed for women with breast cancer to their Web site because it's difficult for victims to find such products to meet their needs.

Information about breast cancer prevention is one of the many topics they will be discussing on their newly formulated blog, www. BreastCancerDesigns. com. Readers can also discover helpful information about maintaining a proper diet, general fitness and where they can find support groups. CowgirlsInPink. com strives to service and support women with breast cancer through pink ribbon merchandise and community outreach. They also offer a personal blog, www. CowgirlsInPink. BlogSpot. com, to answer questions and provide individual support.

About the Company:
Sisters Rhonda Haynes and Wanda Shea own and operate CowgirlsInPink. com.

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