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Iowa Caucus 2004: A View from the Middle

Iowa Caucus 2004: A View from the Middle

(PRWEB) January 4, 2004

As one of those often written about independent or swing voters, IÂ’d like to ask a favor of all my caucus going friends in Iowa who will have an unprecedented amount of influence concerning the eventual Democratic nominee: Please choose someone I, and the other 35% of voters who identify themselves as independents, would actually vote for in the general election.

We're a diverse group who wish to take this country beyond left/right/center politics and focus on solutions that make America a better place for all. We're tired of partisan politics.

Personally, I find a lot of positive things to say about Senator John Kerry. He has an amazing progressive record any democrat should love, fighting for middle class values and common sense ideas, yet perhaps more admirably he has accomplished many of his greatest achievements by working closely with like minded moderates in the Republican party such as John McCain.

Together they have worked on the same side for veteranÂ’s issues, healthcare, energy policy, fiscally responsible tax policy, national security issues and foreign policy, and the list goes on and on.

There are many democrats and republicans alike who feel Bush has high-jacked his party to the far right and they are angered by it. I hope Iowa voters learn something from that and donÂ’t give their approval to an equally extreme opponent.

I believe that while our society faces tough challenges ahead there is an amazing opportunity to succeed when we work together to accomplish a shared vision. It is my hope Iowans will consider this when they attend their first in the nation caucus in January.

Jim Witkins

Concerned Independent Voter

Madison, WI

Www. independentsforkerry. org