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Herbal Belt System Introduced for Natural, Long-Term Relief and Recovery from Internal Organ Disorders, Muscle and Joint Pain

Herbal Belt System Introduced for Natural, Long-Term Relief and Recovery from Internal Organ Disorders, Muscle and Joint Pain

Non-Internal, Non-Allergenic System Offers Alternative To Internal Medications, Pills, Teas Without Digestive Discomfort or Skin Reactions; Chinese Herbalist, Martial Artist, and Strength Trainer Offers Private 40-Year-Old Herbal Remedy To General Public For First Time - A Chinese herbal remedy that employs specially-formulated waist belts worn at night or during the day has been introduced for relief of internal organ disorders, muscle and joint pain by Golden Energy Institute, Rosemead, California. Master LuÂ’s Energy Belt System(tm) works by stimulating vital organs that control blood sugar, blood pressure, digestion, and circulation. The belt also strengthens joints and reduces swelling to reduce back pain, arthritis, and tendinitis.

ROSEMEAD, CA (PRWEB) June 17, 2004

Master Lu’s Energy Belt System™, a combination of night and day herbal remedies worn for long-lasting relief and recovery from internal organ disorders, muscle and joint pain, has been introduced by The Golden Energy Institute, it was announced today.

The System uses two herbal belts (White and Black) worn at different times that work together to stimulate and repair organs and joints. The belts were created by Master James Lu, a Doctor of Chinese Medicine and a renowned health, martial arts, and strength trainer for professional athletes and performers in the U. S., China, and Taiwan.

The White Energy Belt for overnight use is designed for symptoms commonly associated with the stomach, kidneys, pancreas, and spleen – including diabetes, poor blood circulation, erectile dysfunction, insomnia, and constipation.

The Black Energy Belt, originally developed for Master Lu’s professional athlete clients and martial arts students, can be worn up to two hours during the day and offers prevention and recovery from symptoms related to joints as well as general circulation – including back pain, arthritis, muscle tightness, sciatic nerve disorders, and tendinitis.

Because they are used externally, Master LuÂ’s Energy Belts avoid digestive or skin reactions associated with pills, shots, teas and ointments. In fact, the herbs serve to aid digestive functions and improve skin tone, according to the company.

Formulated over a 40-year period, each herbal mixture includes more than 70 different Chinese herbs and minerals woven inside replaceable fabric inserts. The ingredients found in the herbal formulas alone would cost over $600 if purchased individually in stores. The inserts are placed inside the supplied belts which users wear snug against the waist.

“The body’s natural heat activates the herbs and produces herbal vapors,” says Master Lu. “The body naturally absorbs only the elements from the herbs which it needs to replenish and balance itself.”

Since the herbs are neither ingested nor touch skin directly, the Belts cannot create digestive problems associated with internal prescription medication, pills, or teas, or skin-rash problems associated with creams or salves.

Master Lu’s Energy Belt System is based on balancing the five elements found in nature — earth, fire, metal, wood, and water — within the individual. “Chinese medicine believes all sickness and disease we see today are the result of imbalance in the body,” Master Lu said. “The herbal mixtures found in the Energy Belts are designed to restore vital elements that may be lacking in one’s environment or because of their lifestyle.”

“The first Energy Belt formula was originally designed to promote strength, flexibility, and suppleness of joints for private individuals I was working with,” Lu said. “When people kept saying how it was helping with other symptoms like diabetes, constipation, arthritis, and impotency, we decided to make the belts more widely available as a way to help people’s lives.”

Already there are hundreds of users across the United States and in Taiwan – including medical practitioners, athletes, and seniors – who have found relief of their ailments after years of suffering and treating symptoms with conventional medications.

A diabetic for 25 years, Ted Inouye of Torrance, reported that “within the first 3 weeks of using the [White] Energy Belt the average reduction of blood sugar count was 25% along with a corresponding reduction in the amount of insulin I had to use. I’m positive the Energy Belt works.”

1976 Olympic Gold Medalist and former New York Jets running back Johnny “Lam” Jones, said that the Black Energy Belt is “....great for building and maintaining strength without losing flexibility.”

One Southern California physician (who asked to be anonymous) said, “I just used [White Energy Belt] for one night and it has already eased my blood pressure. It’s more effective than any Chinese or Western medicine I’ve ever tried. As a doctor of 20 years, I am in awe.”

The White Belt comes with two inserts and houses two pockets – one located over the abdomen, the other over the lower back. The Black Belt includes one insert and one pocket located on the lower back.

The herbal packs retain their strength for six weeks and should be replaced for ongoing usage. Master LuÂ’s Energy Belt System, which includes both White and Black belts, herbal liner inserts, and usage instructions, is available for a suggested retail price of $249. Replacement herbal packs, either for the White Belt or the Black Belt, are $79.

Master LuÂ’s Energy Belt System is available directly from The Golden Energy InstituteÂ’s website, www. masterlu. com, and through selected health clinics and wellness outlets in Southern California and the tri-state New York area. Individuals should call The Golden Energy Institute toll-free for availability in their area at (866) 500-6051.

As the founder of the Rosemead-based Golden Energy Institute, 68-year-old Master Lu began his martial arts training in 1944, opened his first martial arts studio in Northridge, California in 1970, and expanded with three other studios in Taiwan by 1979. He officially created his Golden Energy Method in the following year. Master Lu holds a Doctor of Chinese Medicine from the World Chinese Medical and Herbs United Association.

The Golden Energy Institute offers workshops on wellness and health issues, products that include The Energy Belts and Golden Energy Breathing Method video, and private counseling and training. The Institute is located at 8762 Mission Drive in Rosemead, CA. For more information, contact Maximillian Lu, Operations Manager, at (626) 286-0228 or (310) 993-4049 or visit the website at www. masterlu. com.

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