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Online Search Directory for Minimal Intervention Dentistry Launched: Welcome to miseeq TM

Online Search Directory for Minimal Intervention Dentistry Launched: Welcome to miseeq TM

Miseeq TM is a new online directory, providing dental professionals and members of the public with free specific search content and resources, related to Minimal Intervention Dentistry (MI)

(PRWEB) December 23, 2004

midentistry has launched the online directory 'miseeq TM' with specific focus on Minimal Intervention Dentistry (MI)

MI is a philosophy of professional care, concerned with the first-occurrence, earliest detection and earliest possible treatment of disease on micro (molecular) levels, followed by the most minimal invasive and patient friendly options to repair irreversible damages caused by such disease. MI aims to empower patients (through information, skills and motivation) to be in charge of their own oral health, so that they only require minimal intervention from the dental profession.

Miseeq. com provides dental professionals free access to specialized MI resources with focus on:

MI Continued Dental Education (CDE)

MI Scientific research

MI News bulletins

Dentists practicing MI

Directory offers keyword search and in addition, directory search using an unique topic tree organized by sub categories in specific folders. Access to scientific research is presented in the categories: Early diagnosis, MI disease control, General overview (over MI), Minimal invasive treatment, MI Classification, MI disease concept. Furthermore, search links to topics such as Press releases, CDE on/ and off-line activities, as well as links to website of dentists rendering MI in their practice.

Special links are provided to institutions such as:

-The World Congress of Minimal Invasive Dentistry (WCMID)

-The Academy of Minimal Invasive Dentistry (ACAMID)

-MI Standards provided by midentistry. com

Miseeq TM has indexed a wide range of web pages, dedicated e. g. to Laser-, Ozone - or Air abrasion treatment in dentistry.

For more information go to

Http://www. miseeq. com (http://www. miseeq. com) or email to: info@miseeq. com