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Affinity Medical Communications Launches Advanced E-Detailing Products

Affinity Medical Communications Launches Advanced E-Detailing Products

Affinity Medical Communications recently launched a new suite of e-detailing products designed to reverse the current decline in detailing ROI.

(PRWEB) December 10, 2003

Pharmaceutical marketers are now better equipped to meet the new information demands of both physicians and patients, with advanced e-detailing programs from Affinity Medical Communications. Affinity has combined its technical expertise and long-term physician relationships to create applications that speak to the needs of both physicians and marketers.

AffinityÂ’s e-detailing solutions are designed to reverse the current decline in detailing ROI by responding to emerging physician attitudes. As baby boomers age and national health declines, physiciansÂ’ schedules are less open to long face-to-face details with the 90,000 pharmaceutical sales representatives now in the industry. Busy physicians are now looking toward e-detailing for fast, easily accessible product information.

Affinity has created a unique development process that offers quick turnaround and decreased costs for innovative e-detailing programs. Using the latest information technology, Affinity builds memorable and effective e-details that carry a productÂ’s priority messages directly to high prescribers. AffinityÂ’s programs deliver key messaging when physicians are most receptive and most responsive to new product information, resulting in higher prescribing rates and increased ROI.

“Affinity provides the right environment for successful e-detailing solutions,” said Faruk Capan, founder and Chief Idea Officer of Affinity. “We understand the risks of innovation, and we’ve designed our model to alleviate marketers’ concerns and encourage novel solutions. Our risk-sharing pricing approach is variable based on performance milestones, which reduces up-front costs, and gives marketers the freedom to pursue unique applications and higher ROI.”

AffinityÂ’s e-detailing programs are custom-built to meet each clientÂ’s goals, and offer many flexible options: the Affinity team can provide quality content and message development, or integrate marketersÂ’ current resources into AffinityÂ’s technology platform; e-details can be designed to allow physicians to order product samples, schedule meetings with representatives, or provide instant feedback; and programs can be incorporated into clientsÂ’ current online projects or delivered as standalone solutions.. With AffinityÂ’s instant reporting system, clients can follow their programsÂ’ progress and view results in real-time.

About Affinity

Affinity Medical Communications combines medical marketing expertise, quality content, and revolutionary technology to create industry-leading resources. The company takes a relationship-driven approach to communications, forming strategic partnerships with clients and creating unique solutions. AffinityÂ’s core products include physician e-detailing, online continuing medical education, patient education and patient adherence/compliance programs. All Affinity programs comply with industry regulations and guidelines.

Affinity boasts more than three decades of experience in medical marketing, medical education and information technology and an information network that extends to physician and association thought leaders across many therapeutic areas including neurology, allergy and asthma, oncology, hematology, cardiology, gastroenterology, rheumatology, metabolic disease, infectious disease, osteoporosis, addiction medicine, and clinical pharmacy.

More information about AffinityÂ’s products, philosophy, and professional team can be found at www. AffinityMedCom. com, or by contacting Robyn Duzenberry at (913) 345-2100.



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