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Skin Fitness Expert is Committed to Operation Smile

SEATTLE, Wash. (PRWEB) November 12, 2003 -

Surgical ways to achieve a younger, healthier, more vital appearance. She has traveled around the world to work with famous clients, from movie stars to the Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders. She is enveloped by worlds of beauty and glamour, but never so enchanted by her exciting career to forget who benefits from her success: the children who are helped by Operation Smile.

“The beauty business is a billion dollar industry. To utilize those resources, and to take beauty beyond our daily concept of creams, lotions and treatments, is a worthy process. When I am putting on my eye cream everyday, I know I am part of changing a life forever. That's beauty, that's the true fountain of youth”, says Bond.

Pamela donates a portion of her profits to Operation Smile, the private, not-for-profit organization providing facial reconstructive surgery to children in developing countries. Operation Smile also provides education and training around the world to doctors and other health care professionals.

Bond is preparing to launch her own skin fitness line, BoPa, and also a spa line, BoSpa. She has combined her knowledge of science and nature to get desired skin fitness results. “One must never compromise the integrity of your skin,” she cautions. “Just as important is not giving in to fads or fashion statements. We have a tendency to over do. The long-term health of your skin should be your emphasis. A portion of all services and product sales will go to Operation Smile.

From training 20 years ago at Elizabeth Arden to facial work in both Miami and Seattle today, Bond’s life would make an interesting movie or feature story. Before launching her new product line — scheduled to reach stores in early 2004 — her thirst for knowledge is sending her to pursue the study of cosmetic chemistry and has directed her to work with some of the top plastic surgeons and dermatologists in Miami. She has tried everything from the most holistic skin care to the most clinical and has learned that like most things, balance between the two extremes offers the best results. There is a lot more to revitalizing your skin than Retin-A.

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