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D. C. Region's Economic Growth Draws A Strategic "Alliance"

D. C. Region's Economic Growth Draws A Strategic "Alliance"

Alliance Funding Group, Inc. announces it has appointed Chad Bradford of Winchester, VA as a new consultant in the Mid Atlantic region. Due to the sustained economic growth in the DC & Northern Virginia areas, Alliance is aggressively seeking new financial relationships with equipment vendors, as well as, serving the end-user markets.

ANAHEIM, CA (PRWEB) July 8, 2005

Alliance Funding Group, Inc. is proud to announce the appointment of Chad Bradford, a new resident of Winchester, Virginia, as a National Lease Consultant. “Chad’s relocation brings a great deal of financial experience to our East Coast operations,” says Brij Patel, President of Alliance Funding Group, Inc., “Chad will be serving our East Central Region which covers Virginia, West Virginia, Maryland, Pennsylvania and Ohio. Due to the strong economic growth in the D. C. and surrounding areas, Alliance has focused on gaining a strong presence in those regions and is aggressively seeking new vendor relationships.”

Vendors, or companies which sell hard assets, often offer traditional financing for their products, but many of those vendors don’t have a relationship with a leasing company. Leasing offers additional financing options for the end-user, including potential tax savings. Leasing also eliminates the need for the use of a business‘s, often critical, working capital for down payments when using traditional bank financing. According to the Equipment Leasing Association, over 80% of the hard assets purchased by businesses each year are financed utilizing an equipment lease.

Recognized as a world leader in equipment leasing, Alliance Funding Group, Inc. (AFG) is currently introducing its new funding programs with select asset vendors nationwide. AFG underwrites, funds and manages its own portfolio of leases. Founded in 1998, AFG has more than $600 million in assets and possesses the financial resources, industry expertise and product knowledge to serve a wide array of customers. Their clientele includes companies that range from small businesses to many of the worlds' largest and most respected Fortune 1000 companies. AFG is also proud of the many financial relationships it maintains with Federal, State and Local governments.

Along with Steve Foos, a Vice President who has 28 years of experience in Government Finance, AFG has funded millions in Federal, State and Local government acquisitions ranging from K-9 officers to multi-million dollar Public Water Systems. According to Foos, “The Quad State Region’s growth presents an opportunity for AFG to assist in maximizing the local and state government’s expenditures. By utilizing AFG’s leasing option, those entities can acquire many of the assets that will be required for their growth without the risk of commitment should funds not be appropriated in subsequent years.” AFG assumes the risk on government transactions should leases need to be cancelled due to non-appropriations caused by budget shortfalls.

AFGÂ’s internal capital resources provide an unmatched flexibility in credit underwriting and its external bank partners provide the necessary depth in funding requirements. Alliance has the ability to provide funding nationwide for transactions from $5,000 to $50,000,000. With one of the largest portfolios in the equipment finance industry, AFG finances a broad range of industries including construction, manufacturing, printing, healthcare, and woodworking, among many others.

With the ability to finance early stage venture-backed start-ups to companies in reorganization, AFG can tailor solutions for many credit profiles. Innovative financing solutions with a combination of credit and asset risk can provide almost any business the opportunity to acquire the assets needed to grow and expand.

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Dell, Inc./ Sun Microsystems, Inc. / Cisco, Inc. / Microsoft Corp. / Caterpillar, Inc. / Komatsu USA / Toshiba Corp / Cannon USA / White House / National Park Service / Air National Guard / National Institute of Health / Veterinary Cancer Group / EPA / FB I / Patent Office / United States Post Office / Oklahoma State University / Dept of Justice / German Embassy in DC / Goddard Space Flight Center / CIA / Bureau of Indian Affairs / GSA / Air National Guard / NASA School Districts / Dept of the Treasury / USDA Navy / City of Santa Barbara / Army / Bureau of Public Debt / VA / NASA / United Nations / Coast Guard / LA College / FAA; National Institute of Standards / Lockheed Martin / Centers for Disease Control / Police / Dept of Labor / Peace Corps / Marines / Dept of Homeland Security / US Bankruptcy Court / Dept of Defense / Dept of Energy