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IVillage. co. uk and inspireyourlife™ Launch ‘Change Your Life’ SMS Campaign

IVillage. co. uk and inspireyourlife™ Launch ‘Change Your Life’ SMS Campaign

IVillage. co. uk and inspireyourlife™ launch ‘Change Your Life’ SMS cross channel campaign driven from the iVillage website

(PRWEB) September 11, 2002

12 September 2002, London, UK

IVillage. co. uk and inspireyourlife™ launch ‘Change Your Life’ SMS Campaign

IVillage. co. uk and inspireyourlife™ launch ‘Change Your Life’ SMS cross channel campaign driven from the iVillage website


Inspireyourlife™ http://www. inspireyourlife. com (http://www. inspireyourlife. com), a unique inspirational text messaging service, has joined forces with iVillage UK http://www. iVillage. co. uk (http://www. iVillage. co. uk), the UK’s leading online information network for women to provide inspirational quotes via SMS.

The promotion running from the WebPage http://www. iVillage. co. uk/health/inspireyourlife (http://www. iVillage. co. uk/health/inspireyourlife) starts in early September 2002 running for initially one month. It coincides with the launch of iVillage. co. uk’s ‘Change Your Life’ campaign, which is geared towards helping its users to evaluate their lives, identify areas of improvement and set goals to achieve the required changes.

In addition to tips and expert advice provided by iVillage. co. uk’s existing infrastructure, inspireyourlife™ will provide its users with a selection of inspirational quotes, tips and advice from celebrated figures of wisdom, straight to their mobile phone.

To subscribe, users can either text in a trigger text on a short code or phone an IVR line. Users that text in to subscribe will be charged £1.50 to receive 1 message daily for 7 days. Users that subscribe via IVR will be charged £4.50 to receive 1 message daily for 21 days. Users will have the choice of subscribing to any of the 5 message categories:

Confidence Booster Secrets to Success Stress Buster Inspiring Quotes from the Bible Love and Relationships

Susanne Mornan-Vaughan, Director and Founder of inspireyourlife™, comments, “We are delighted to work with iVillage. co. uk on this campaign. The role of the text messaging service will be to motivate, inspire and encourage individuals to set and achieve their goals throughout the duration of the Change Your Life Campaign and beyond. The popularity and intimacy of SMS, coupled with a high penetration of mobile phones among women, means that it is the ideal medium to deliver this service to iVillage. co. uk subscribers”.

Angus Glover Wilson, Senior Business Development Manager at iVillage. co. uk, comments, “The iVillage. co. uk Change your Life campaign aims to inspire women and help them reach their personal best in all aspects of their lives. The partnership with inspireyourlife™ is a perfect fit with the campaign and we’re confident that the service will keep our audience motivated and on track. iVillage. co. uk has made significant progress in exploring new revenue streams and cross channel products over the last year and we’re looking forward to continued success with this latest venture.”

Yaa Adjaye-Kufuor, Director and Founder of Saycon Ltd., consulting arm of inspireyourlife™, adds “This joint venture between inspireyourlife™ and iVillage. co. uk demonstrates how the mobile channel can be utilised to support end consumers whilst they are on the move. We are happy to have helped inspireyourlife™ extend its reach to iVillage UK subscribers”.


----Notes to editors----

Campaign location: http://www. ivillage. co. uk/health/inspireyourlife (http://www. ivillage. co. uk/health/inspireyourlife)

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About inspireyourlife™:

Http://www. inspireyourlife. com/about. html (http://www. inspireyourlife. com/about. html)

Inspireyourlife™ is an exciting new SMS text messaging service that seeks to motivate and inspire people by delivering inspiring quotes and messages that can help boost confidence, self esteem and develop / maintain a positive mental attitude; making it easier to deal with the challenges of every day life.

The text messages are a compilation of motivational quotes / statements from renowned individuals such as Richard Branson, Oprah Winfrey, Goethe, Martin Luther King, Albert Einstein, Mohammed Ali, Mother Teresa, Confucius and Aristotle.

Inspireyourlife™ was launched on the 6th of June 2002. The text messaging service is supported by a radio advertising campaign on Jazz FM 102.2 and Premier Radio Station (1305, 1332, 1413 and MW). inspireyourlife™ is accessible to all mobile phone subscribers in the UK.

There has been exceptional growth in text messaging across the globe. According to the GSM association, around 24 billion person-to-person SMS messages are being sent per month worldwide. The association also predicts that SMS volumes will reach 360 billion globally by the end of 2002. According to the Mobile Data Association, Britons now send 44 million text messages daily and an estimated 1.9 billion monthly.

This phenomenal growth has resulted in the development of a wide variety of text messaging services in the marketplace today. However, to the best of our knowledge, inspireyourlife™ is the first to utilise text messaging and the versatility of the mobile phone in an inspirational context, and that is what makes it unique! inspireyourlife™ is a trading name of Irama Technology Services which is based in London, United Kingdom.

About Saycon, Ltd.

Http://www. saycon. com/about-us. html (http://www. saycon. com/about-us. html)

Headquartered in Harley Street, London, Saycon Ltd is the Consulting Arm of inspireyourlife™. It advises on consumer facing mobile technologies and its impact on businesses and marketers. It boasts a full range of services. These services include designing, developing and managing mobile projects for leading consumer brands in the areas of mobile marketing and mobile information services. As part of its unique positioning, Saycon has the ability to bring together the key players in the mobile business value chain to provide a complete solution. This gives Saycon a level of independence to concentrate on mobile content and mobile marketing strategies.

About iVillage. co. uk

Http://www. ivillage. co. uk (http://www. ivillage. co. uk)

IVillage. co. uk is the leading website for women in the UK. It offers information, advice, community, and interactive tools and quizzes across content channels including Diet & Fitness, Relationships, Pregnancy & Baby, Work & Career, Money, Computers & Internet, Food, News & Politics, Motoring, Health & Beauty, Shopping, Games, Astrology and Parenting.

IVillage UK is a joint venture between iVillage Inc in the US and Tesco, BritainÂ’s leading retailer. This 50/50 joint venture sees Tesco committed to investing money, online and offline promotions and expert knowledge of some the strongest and most loyal customer relationships in the UK. Both parties contribute reciprocal marketing and support.



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