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Molton Brown Skincare Review: Keep An Eye on Innovative Skin Care Products

Molton Brown Skincare Review: Keep An Eye on Innovative Skin Care Products

Want luxurious spa-quality products designed for at-home use? How about innovative skincare for a healthier, more radiant complexion? Molton Brown can help. Here's more about this line.

Sacramento, CA (PRWEB) May 1, 2009

Originally a popular salon in London, Molton Brown has evolved into a luxurious line that boasts natural and botanical extracts to nourish and rejuvenate the face, body and hair. Skincare-News. com's latest article, Molton Brown Review: Innovative Skincare" discusses the Molton Brown line and several exceptional products.
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Advanced skincare

Want beautiful skin day in and day out? These luxurious and effective skincare products make healthy skin easy to attain. From basic cleansing and moisturizing to advanced treatment products, this line uses organic microspheres to oxygenate the skin, leaving it smooth and clear. Botanical extracts are then added to balance and boost the skin. For a great start to a skincare regimen, deep cleanse and purify the skin with Skinfresh Facial Wash. Then, restore damaged and dehydrated skin with the Skinboost 24hr Moisture Mist.

Therapeutic body products

Pamper the skin and relax the mind with Molton Brown's therapeutic body product line. This line includes everything from rejuvenating body washes for the morning time to relaxing bath oils to help wind down at night. To stimulate the senses, try the Energizing Seamoss Bath & Shower gel, which contains seaweed and horse chestnut extracts to improve the skin's texture. Looking to recreate a relaxing spa experience at home? Start with the sensuous Celestial Maracuja Body Sugar Polish, which exfoliates dead skin cells for softer, smoother skin. Follow with a lightweight and nourishing cream, such as Intoxicating Davana Blossom Body Creme.

Hand care

Suffering from dry, cracked skin on the hands? Ideal for those who work in industries that require frequent hand-washing, this specialized collection protects hands from dehydration and soothes irritation. Keep a bottle of Naran Ji Fine Liquid Hand Wash in the kitchen and bathroom. This soap-free cleanser protects delicate skin and neutralizes odors with the scents of Sweet Florida Orange Oil and Grapefruit Seed Extract. Then, treat hands with the deeply hydrating Rose Granati Soothing Hand Lotion, which incorporates ginger, black pepper and cardamom essential oils.

Healthy hair

Natural and botanical extracts make Molton Brown's shampoos, conditioners and styling products well-suited for even the most dry and damaged hair. These formulas are designed to deep clean without overdrying, leaving hair shiny and radiant. A great product to start with is the Radiant Lili Pili Hair Wash, a foaming cleanser designed for everyday use. Follow with the coordinating conditioner. Or, for more moisture, use the Reawakening Mer Rouge Hair Hydramasque on a weekly basis to restore vitality. Enriched with vitamin and Dulse Sea Extracts, this treatment can bring back the most lifeless strands in just 15 minutes.

Men's specialty line

Molton Brown understands that a man's skincare needs are different than a woman's. These multi-tasking products make grooming quick and efficient for the man on the go.

Use the Moisture Rich Aloe and Palm Body Bar in the shower to cleanse and refresh. Plus, it can double as shaving foam. Or, for a midday boost after a workout, try Cassia Energy Sport Hair And Body Wash, which deep cleans and relieves aching muscles.

With Molton Brown's advanced product line, skincare is simple. With a variety of effective facial products, luxurious spa creations and multi-tasking hair products, this collection has products that make a difference.

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