Friday, August 31, 2007

PTGTV: Advertise Message via Educational Programming

PTGTV: Advertise Message via Educational Programming

PTGTV offers new advertising channel via educational feature stories.

Deerfield Beach, FL (PRWEB) January 18, 2004

More and more advertisers are looking to increase their visibility on the airwaves without 'beating viewers over the head' with their messages today. Instead of cramming too much information or pizazz into expensive :30 or :60 spots, advertisers are seeking new ways, via product placement and sponsorships, to increase their effectiveness at a fraction of the cost.

PTGTV has been delivering the full scope of an advertiser’s message to audiences for more than six years through its innovative half-hour programs, which delve into many popular areas of interest for advertisers. The shows are aired on targeted national cable networks, as well as regional broadcast stations. The key is to educate, as well as entertain, viewers. A full five minutes is spent with an advertiser selected to feature their story on one of Platinum's many shows, dealing with how the product or service will educate viewers on real-world solutions or enhance their lifestyle.

The wide range of shows that PTGTV produces offer a fit for

Just about any advertiser, and appeal to a broad spectrum of viewers. They include:

"New Home Journal,"  home improvement

“Today’s Family” family matters 

"Health Forum"  health issues

  aired on PAX-TV, ABC Family Channel

  & Oxygen

"Eye on Technology" technology

  aired on Tech TV

"Business & Beyond" bus/to/bus program

  aired on regional news networks

"Competitive Edge"  sports equip/info

  aired on ESPN2 and FOX Sports Net

"Great Taste" luxury lifestyles

  gourmet food

  aired on Travel, style, E!

"Mundo Latino" Hispanic market

 aired on Univision, Telemundo

"Senior Lifestyles"  Sr products, services

  aired on Bravo and PAX-TV

Taking it a step further, PTGTV capitalizes on the growing

Trend of regionalization in television advertising, by actually customizing

Its shows for specific markets. Advertisers are asked to select the cities in which they feel their message would best be received.

Already, since the start of 2004, 15 new accounts have signed on for

Educational segments on various PTGTV shows. As long as viewers keep

Getting bombarded with traditional ad clutter everywhere they look, advertisers will need vehicles like PTGTV shows to reach viewers in unique ways.

To be considered for a PTGTV show, contact Vice President of Media, Gary Baris at (800) 597-1186, x 224.