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QuickMedical Posts Record Sales in 2010

QuickMedical Posts Record Sales in 2010

QuickMedical continues to surpass sales goals by incorporating fundamental marketing and sales strategies. The basic sales and marketing activities that took the company to where it is today also worked during the current economic slowdown to increase company sales, brand, market share, and profit.

Issaquah, WA (Vocus/PRWEB) January 10, 2011

The foundation for success at QuickMedical can be attributed to their knowledgeable sales staff and aggressive marketing campaigns. In a time when companies are cutting back on sales staff and reducing marketing efforts, Quick Medical continues to fund aggressive marketing promotions, and that has led to another record year in sales and profit.

"In good or bad economic times, our focus at QuickMedical has been to expand our product lines, increase our marketing and co-marketing effort, build long-term customer relationships, and sell outside of our comfort zone" said Scott Hanna, CEO at QuickMedical. "When the economy began to stumble, we increased our sales and marketing efforts to our premier customers and made extra efforts to reach medical facilities, universities and government entities. We have always been proactive versus reactive to the economic environment."

QuickMedical prides itself in having a strong and knowledgeable sales force that recognizes the contribution they are making and what they can do to improve a customer's quality of life. Sales representatives spend most of their business day processing internet orders, consulting with new customers, hospital personnel, physicians, health-care executives, clinics, and focusing on increasing the visibility of QuickMedical's products, services, and purchasing opportunities. With all the new technology and advances in medical products and devices, the sales representatives have an ongoing job of educating and informing customers.

Tim Lightell, Social Media Coordinator at QuickMedical® said, “Since launching Qtube™ on the QuickMedical® website, we've uploaded hundreds of videos, both on products and suppliers. Using our in-house production capabilities and state of the art show room, Qtube™ videos provide an educational format for demonstrating the products we sell, and gives the customers a greater in-depth understanding on usage and function. Mr. Lightell concluded, “Having engaging video content of our products and services is a great value to our customer; it's also an important part of our overall increase in online visibility. Qtube™ is a valuable service and one we offer to all of our customers.”

As a national distributor of medical supplies and medical equipment since 1993, Quick Medical has been experiencing strong sales growth. By adding a number of new product lines such as ADC and Sklar, QuickMedical provides added value to their existing services while meeting ongoing customer requests for new products that increase distribution channels and reduce cost.

"Although the medical supply industry continues to remain strong with the constant and increasing need for health-care goods and services, the number of new on-line medical supply companies continues to grow. Profit margins are lower, operating costs higher, and the cost of providing top quality customer care continues to rise," said Loren Timmons, Marketing Director at Quick Medical. "QuickMedical made the decision a number of years ago that they would aggressively pursue new business opportunities, private labeling, and build a satisfied but more importantly loyal customer following". Mr. Timmons concluded, "I believe that through our past hard work, an aggressive web marketing campaign, and by adhering to fundamental sales and marketing concepts, QuickMedical will continue to grow and be profitable."

About Quick Medical and Qtube:

With great pricing, QuickMedical® has the professional medical equipment needed by health care providers. Look for diagnostic equipment, exam tables, weighing and measuring devices, and medical basics such as stethoscopes, thermometers, and sphygmomanometers. QuickMedical® also offers a wide selection of professional medical supplies; everything from patient care, to blood testing, to exam room products. Find quality and affordable disposables and medical supplies for the clinic, hospital, or home care environment. Qtube™ Production and Videos are supplied by our manufacturers or produced in house by our Production Team. Most videos are shot in our state of the art showrooms. Current displays include medical, surgical, and a pediatric exam rooms. Look for QuickMedical's® new television commercial, currently airing in the Seattle market on local ABC affiliate KOMO 4.