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Cats Confidential Newsletter Launched

Cats Confidential Newsletter Launched

Chattanooga, Tenn.-based WR Corp. Publishing has introduced a monthly newsletter, Cats Confidential, for people who have and love cats. Unlike other cat publications, Cats Confidential is thought to be the only newsletter containing factual articles on remarkable feline accomplishments and abilities, almost unbelievable mental achievements and how cats have changed the course of history and saved human lives. Sample copies may be obtained from WR Corp. Publishing, P. O. Box 108, Chattanooga, Tenn. 37401.

Chattanooga, Tenn. (PRWEB) May 6, 2006

A cat who could diagnose cancer? A cat who saved a baby from bleeding to death? Cats with telepathic and clairvoyant powers? A cat who inspired the words that helped win World War II?

Stories like these make up the content of Cats Confidential, a monthly newsletter just introduced for the estimated 70 million Americans and countless millions more throughout the world who have and love cats.

Melissa Martin, vice president of marketing for WR Corp. Publishing, the Chattanooga-based firm which produces Cats Confidential, said her company's research showed there are numerous publications about cat breeds and breeding, cat shows, cat health, solving cat problems and other such topics, but as far as could be determined, Cats Confidential is unique in its subject matter.

"Our mission," she explained, "is to remind people who have and love cats of what amazingly intelligent creatures their feline companions are and let them know of the many things we can learn from cats, the remarkable and unexplained mental abilities cats possess and how cats have changed the course of history and saved people's lives."

She pointed out that at last count more than 90 million cats now reside in U. S. households. Cats passed dogs a number of years ago as America's favorite domestic pets.

Cats Confidential presents factual accounts that can't be found anywhere else, Ms. Martin said. "We tested this newsletter concept for more than two years with selected cat people in more than 40 states and found there was strong interest on their part in finding out more about their pets."

Cats Confidential is edited by Tom Williams, a long-time journalist, editor and author, whose books include The Politicats, a hilarious, heart-warming story about how two clever cats shoot down the campaign of an unsavory presidential candidate. First published in 2000, The Politicats has a plot that is timeless, and it has become a classic of cat literature.

Ms. Martin said articles in Cats Confidential explore such subjects as cats' abilities to read their humans' minds, the amazing genetic similarity between humans and cats, how cats help humans overcome illness and strengthen their immune systems and the still unexplained mystery of what domestic cats are and where they came from.

Sample copies of Cats Confidential may be obtained from WR Corp. Publishing, P. O. Box 108, Chattanooga, Tenn. 37401. For additional information,


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