Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Find the Perfect Diet For You

Find the Perfect Diet For You

A food diary may be the secret to weight loss success. It can help users clarify the real reasons why they overeat.

South Beach (PRWEB) March 29, 2004

Dr. Phil. Atkins. How can you decide which diet will help you write the final chapter in your weight loss success story? For years, Rhonda, a 29 year-old nurse, in Greensboro, North Carolina bounced from one diet to another before she experienced any permanent results. How was she able to reverse this trend? "It was not until I began using a food diary was I able to get a clear picture of the foods that were causing my problem. Once I did that I was able to select a diet that addressed my problem, and I finally got the results I wanted," she says.

Jackie Stanley author of LETTUCE IS NOT ENOUGH, a monthly recordkeeping system for weight loss, says, "record what you eat in a food diary is a small thing that can help dieters succeed on whatever plan they choose." Because the biggest complaint with keeping a food diary is tedium, each page of LETTUCE IS NOT ENOUGH contains inspirational quotes and words of motivation.

LETTUCE IS NOT ENOUGH is availabe through the website, www. lettuceisnotenough. com.

LETTUCE IS NOT ENOUGH is one of the most effective and complete guides to promote normal weight and healthy living I have seen, says Mary Martha Smoak MS, RD, LDN, Patient Educator and Nutritionist at Wake Forest University Medical Center.