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The Zone of Healing Multiple Sclerosis Patient Discovers a Healthy way to be Ill

The Zone of Healing Multiple Sclerosis Patient Discovers a Healthy way to be Ill

The first step in natural healing is connecting to inner resources. How you cope with a health struggle determines how effective your participation will be to support healing. You have powerful inner resources which healing demands; so become involved in healing.

Santa Monica, CA (PRWEB) June 16, 2006

Marc Lerner has had multiple sclerosis for over 25 years. On June 15 Marc will talk to Cancer Services in Midland, Michigan. The title of his talk is; The Zone of Healing. The purpose of the presentation is to have those in a health crisis go beyond any limiting thoughts.

Lerner developed his talks from dealing with a chronic illness for over 25 years. Marc has multiple sclerosis and is legally blind with several other symptoms, yet he does not consider himself a victim. As he says in his talks, "Most people are legally blind looking within. My illness is quite a challenge, but it is not as bad as inner blindness." 

The Zone of Healing talk in Michigan was designed specifically for Cancer Services to empower cancer patients. Life Skills help people deal with life challenging illness or a disability utilizing their inner resources. The Zone of Healing is similar to the well-known "Zone" state where athletes achieve. This is where they are totally in the moment and something greater than their everyday thinking mind choreographs their actions.

Marc believes that the Zone is not just reserved for exceptional athletes, but kids enter The Zone in their play often. Combat veterans talk about being in The Zone when their life was threatened, for no thought in their mind was more important than their life. Marc says that "If kids can play in The Zone and veterans of all types entered it; why can't a person dealing with cancer or a serious illness use that state of mind to heal?"

Marc Lerner shows people how to use the challenge of dealing with an illness or a disability as an opportunity to grow. The most important thing for a patient is to look at how one faces that challenge. Your focus can activate thoughts that depress you or your focus can activate powerful inner resources... it is your choice.

As he says, "If healing is more important, then why does your awareness stop at thinking? If you have a challenge that demands more from you than you were taught, go beyond your normal thinking mind and connect to your deeper inner wisdom. That may seem difficult to do, but children do it in their play often. Athletes do it; so why can't people facing a health challenge do it?"

Marc Lerner is the President of Life Skills Inc. and the author of The Life Skills Approach. For more information and a free e-book on how to cope with disabilities and chronic illness, please visit http://www. lifeskillsinc. com (http://www. lifeskillsinc. com)

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