Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Dr. David Friedman, Host of "To Your Good Health Radio" Welcomes Dr. Ava Cadell and Kim Barnouin to Discuss Sexual Health and P. M.S

Dr. David Friedman, Host of "To Your Good Health Radio" Welcomes Dr. Ava Cadell and Kim Barnouin to Discuss Sexual Health and P. M.S.

"To Your Good Health Radio" host, Dr. David Friedman interviewed Kim Barnouin, former model and author of the New York bestselling book, "Skinny Bitch." She discussed natural remedies for PMS! Also, renowned sex therapist, Dr. Ava Cadell joins the show to discuss women's sexual health issues.

Wilmington, NC (Vocus) May 18, 2010

Dr. David Friedman discusses PMS with Kim Barnouin, author of the New York Time's bestselling book Skinny Bitch. Dr. Friedman lightens the subject by calling PMS (from the male perspective) "Pass My Shot Gun." When asked what exactly happens to women during PMS, Kim explains, as a victim herself, she knows that women who suffer from PMS have absolutely no control of what takes place in their bodies during this trying time. Women's hormones simply take control and hit their life hard. Kim educated the listeners on the fact that although most women suffering from PMS want to reach for chocolate and French Fries, there are natural remedies to assist with this, sometimes life altering syndrome. To hear more about PMS syndrome and the natural remedies that can ease the symptoms, go to the podcast at http://www. toyourgoodhealthradio. com.

Staying with the subject of Women's Health, Dr. Friedman also welcomed Dr. Ava Cadell to his show. Dr. Cadell has been described as the Martha Stewart of Love and Romance. Dr. Friedman posed the question "Can Sex Extend Your Life?" Dr. Ava shared that it can actually add an additional 8 years to your life and woman can't use the "not tonight I have a headache" excuse because sex actually helps relieve a headache! Listen to all the interesting facts that Dr. Ava has to offer and also her very intriguing advice when it comes to sex and relationships. The podcast is available at http://www. toyourgoodhealthradio. com.

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