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New Web Benefits-review Program for hr Executives and employees

New Web Benefits-review Program for hr Executives and employees

A unique, new web-based benefits review program has been created for hr executives and employees

Newport Beach, CA (PRWEB) June 23, 2005

Baker, Thomsen Associates, a leading compensation and benefits consulting firm, has announced the introduction of a unique, new benefits tool for all HR executives.

Kathy Wittau, president of Benefits Consulting for Baker, Thomsen stated: “After considerable research, our firm has been able to create BenefitsReview. com, which utilizes web technology to improve HR benefit services for employees, while also enhancing employee benefit communications. For many subscribers, it significantly reduces HR administrative costs.”

BenefitsReview. com provides all required documents and forms electronically, including summary plan descriptions, summary annual reports, summary of material modifications, benefit election forms, waivers, authorizations, and release forms.

In addition, it provides other essential forms and documents that are specific to every offered plan, including evidence of coverage, certificates of coverage, benefit summaries, amendments, and riders; there are enrollment, change, claim, beneficiary designation, prescription, drug, mail order RX, and student status forms, among various other forms.

Employee handbooks, answers to frequently asked questions, company news CORBA notices, WomenÂ’s Health and Cancer Right Act notices, and Newborn and MotherÂ’s Health Protection Act notices are also available on site.

“With extraordinary ease and completeness, BenefitsReview. com meets the new benefits challenges of businesses and effectively reduces administrative costs,” said Dr. Jay Schuster CEO of Baker, Thomsen Associates. “It also promotes employee self-service through the availability of documents and benefit provider and customer service information. With BenefitsReview. com, HR executives should have less to worry about in relation to compliance issues, which the program dramatically simplifies. The website enables electronic distribution of required documents, saving time and money. Furthermore, the system is easily updated to communicate benefit and cost changes, including open enrollments.”

“Our clients are interested in providing competitive benefits at competitive costs,” added Ms. Wittau. “Periodic benefits reviews can keep costs in line and let administrators explore specific benefit offerings that give them the best chance of retaining top talent. BenefitsReview. com is an easy, effective, and logical way to communicate the benefit plans to current and potential employees. In addition, it helps employees understand and value their benefits. According to our surveys, the vast majority of employees do not understand their benefits and their employers’ costs of providing those benefits. Our system opens the doors of communication and keeps them open. That, in itself, is an important and valuable benefit.”

For further information, contact Baker, Thomsen Associates: E-mail: info@btabta. com. Web: www. btabta. com. For a free demonstration, visit www. BenefitsReview. com

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