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Calgary, Alberta, Canada September 17, 2003 - Bizwiz Consulting Group Ltd., The Wizards of Business Analysis, of Calgary, Canada, today released seven new powerful products to ease the analysis of business performance.

(PRWEB) September 19, 2003

Bizwiz added 4 new financial statement ratio analysis programs to their existing two. These easy–to-use, easy-to-understand ratio analysis products now range from their 8 ratio, RA8 – Basic, to the new 150 ratio, RA150 – Extreme. Each product provides year-by-year comparisons, explains the formulas and what they indicate and graphs the results. The higher end products contain benchmark comparisons and additional computations from the information. Dave Richardson, B. Comm. of Anduro Technologies Inc. verified the user friendliness with his statement “Very thorough and complete … the mini graphs provided easy comparisons at a glance … very cleanly laid out.”

Two do-it-yourself financial troubleshooter kits were introduced. The TS115 – Troubleshooter Package contains a set of 400 Troubleshooter Questions, a financial statement analysis program with 115 ratios, and a copy of The Financial Troubleshooter by Dr. Jae Shim, author of fifty business books. The questions and ratio analysis program refer the user to the solution page in Shim’s 216 page book. Upgrading the financial statement ratio analysis program to the RA150 – Extreme is also offered. Ed Keel, Jr., CPA’s exuded “I think the Troubleshooter questions and the answers in the Financial Troubleshooter are nothing short of genius, in that they work within the interest, abilities and time constraints of most business owners. We are a need-it-and-want-it-now society and the TS delivers business operators perfect and quick solutions.”

Also released was a set of 1,200 business analysis questions to choose from. These can be chosen individually or in packages addressed to the interviewed employee. Upgrades to SWOT analysis and recommendation reports are available. Richard Harding, MBA, Certified Change Agent of QSR Management Solutions, praises the system with his statement "The first stage in the Six Sigma or Total Quality Management processes is to find out exactly where your organization is at. These tools provide a crystal clear picture of the financial health of any company."

Bizwiz has other financial statement ratio analysis programs under development for specific users (small businesses, stock investors, and business loan officers), which they intend on releasing in the upcoming weeks. For more information visit www. bizwiz. ca/products. html (http://www. bizwiz. ca/products. html).