Thursday, May 8, 2008

Crying Infant Keeping You Up All Night? Free BabySleep System™ Sample MP3 Download Offers Immediate Relief

Crying Infant Keeping You Up All Night? Free BabySleep System™ Sample MP3 Download Offers Immediate Relief

Sounds in Silence Announces Streaming Excerpt of Womb Effect™ -- Full, Hour-long MP3 Downloadable at the CD Price (and Bypass the Shipping)

CARLSBAD, CA (PRWEB) August 12, 2004

Book a vacation. Buy a car. Research the origin of the word “barbecue.” Finally learn the lyrics to REM’s “It’s the End of the World as We Know It.” Almost anything imaginable is available on the Internet, including the one thing parents want most for their new baby -- sleep.

Sounds in Silence, creators of the BabySleep System™ CD (www. babysleepsystem. com), today announced that it is offering for download two versions of its breakthrough sleep solution – a free, five-minute MP3 sample track and the full 60-minute product – bringing immediate relief to sleep-deprived parents and infants anywhere, at any time.

The outgrowth of research on newborn sleep disorders, the BabySleep System enables parents to help their infants fall asleep fast, stay asleep longer and eliminate problems that result from daily sleep interruptions and episodes of crying through the night. A new free, abbreviated five-minute product sample is available for download in the MP3 format at www. babysleepsystem. com; the full 60-minute product is likewise now available for instant download in MP3 for $24.95.

The BabySleep System incorporates a new technology that uses actual sound recordings from the womb, processed to closely emulate what babies experience while in utero. This sleep aid is then layered with a unique ambient audio soundtrack composed and produced by a team of music industry experts, to promote overall relaxation to both the baby and the parent or caregiver.

“If parents discover our solution while surfing for answers to their baby’s colic at 2 a. m., they don’t want to have to wait for the CD to arrive in the mail,” said Jay Oliver, president and co-founder, Sounds in Silence. “Parents need immediate help – and now they have it.

Within minutes parents can download the BabySleep system onto their own PC and help their babies fall asleep right there on the spot. Who would have thought that while desperately prancing around the house with a crying baby, the answer may be sitting right there at the computer? Then mom and dad can get some sleep, too.

“Today’s parents go online for rocking chairs, cribs, lullabies, stuffed animals and advice – looking for anything that might lull their babies to sleep. The Internet has become the one resource through which people expect to find just about anything they need. It just makes sense for us to offer a download. So far, it’s been an extremely popular option – especially for our international customers.”

Breakthrough Sleep Technology

In developing the BabySleep System, the Sounds in Silence team spent several years researching baby sleep disorders, perfecting a critical component called “The Womb Effect”™. This solution to baby sleeplessness “re-creates” the sound environment of the womb in order to provide a sense of safety and comfort to a newborn who may be fussy, crying or colicky.

The BabySleep System download features a delicately balanced mixture of a motherÂ’s resting heartbeat, intrauterine womb sounds (blood and fluid movement), motherÂ’s singing voice, motherÂ’s breathing, and a carefully constructed low frequency music soundtrack. The entire mix of these sounds is then digitally processed using the proprietary BabySleep System algorithm to simulate how it all sounds underwater.

It is no secret that music has the power to awaken minds, soothe the soul, refresh the spirit and generate strong emotional reactions. When extrapolated to the newborn, creating a low-frequency environment with the same vibrational characteristics as the womb proves to be calming and enjoyable for a baby.

Music in general seems to have a positive effect on promoting relaxation in infants. A study examining the effect of playing music to 20 normal-term infants showed that soothing music may be a feasible intervention to help newborns demonstrate fewer high arousal states. It was found that when the babies were exposed to soothing music their levels of excitability decreased and they appeared notably calmer than without the music playing.


Founded in 2001 by professional musicians and world-class audio engineers, Sounds in Silence, Inc. (www. babysleepsystem. com) has assembled a team of pediatricians, researchers and specialists focused on providing comfort, relaxation and healthier sleep patterns for newborns and infants. The BabySleep System™ CD, Sounds in Silence’s flagship product, is built around a breakthrough technology called The Womb Effect™ -- an audio simulation of the womb sound environment, combined with a proprietary music track. The company is based in Carlsbad, Calif.