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INSYSTEK® Unveils New Systems Management Console

INSYSTEK® Unveils New Systems Management Console

Leading IT management provider releases a new management console for Agentless™ systems management software.

Topeka, KS (PRWEB) August 20, 2005

INSYSTEK®, the leader in Agentless™ IT management solutions, today announced the unveiling of a new management console for their full range of IT systems management solutions.

The striking new console is Windows XP-styled offering a clean, easy-to-use, intuitive interface that places control more readily in the hands of the administrator. Careful attention was paid to aesthetics and navigability during the planning and design stages of development, resulting in the intuitive and eye-catching user console. The powerful INSYSTEK reporting engine has been fully integrated into the new console, making the ability to both retrieve remote system data and process it in a desired reporting format, a quick and easy task contained in a single, unified view of the application.

"The greatest benefit of the new console is that it allows the administrator to navigate the solution much more easily and perform critical management functions in fewer steps than previously required," explains Josh Aspinwall, Application Developer on the console project for INSYSTEK. "This ultimately enables the administrator to more efficiently manage their IT assets, improving the effectiveness of the overall application."

Specific improvements to the user console include the inclusion of a right-hand navigation menu pane, solution-based color schemas, customizable icons and new administrator settings, enhanced right-clink menus, a new system viewer, admin tool section, updated services options, group views, program wizards, history, history exports, and new monitoring data options.

Most noticeably, the new console has consolidated the control of the different solutions into an easy-viewing management panel. The Managed Devices list now contains a list of all the managed devices in the environment and all of the groups, for inventory scans, software distribution and monitoring of systems.

The new console can also be configured directly from the management panel, in the Administrative Tools section, which provides the ability to create registry scans, include or exclude extension class scans, create/edit custom activities, create/edit package servers and packages, create/edit distribution servers, create/edit system profiles, and create/edit monitoring policies for some of the more global functionality; viewing the different queues, the custom report wizard, and software compliance functions. Various configuration options are available now on the quick launch bar and main menu for simplified access.

The system viewer displays data for each of the different classes for an individual system, while the group viewer (replacing the Monitoring View) acts as a way to organize systems within the specific group. It also provides the ability to watch monitoring functions in real time, and view quick monitoring statistics for a group (including subgroups).

The latest console update encompasses the full range of INSYSTEK® solutions, to include INSYSTEK® Inventory Manager (auditing), INSYSTEK® Control Center (auditing, software distribution), and the INSYSTEK® NSMC (auditing, software distribution, performance monitoring). The complete range of management solutions provide administrators with the ability to easily perform system audits, software distributions and monitor their networked environment (servers and desktops) for real time performance and availability data.


INSYSTEK, Inc. has established itself as a leader in Agentless™ IT management software, supplying solutions that enable system auditing/inventorying, software distribution/removal, and server performance & availability monitoring capabilities to clients in business, government, education and healthcare in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom and South Africa.

More information on INSYSTEK and the full range of INSYSTEK Agentless™ IT management solutions, including free trial versions, can be found at www. insystek. com or by sending an e-mail to info @ insystek. com or calling toll free 1-877-467-9783.

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