Wednesday, June 25, 2008

New Herbal Tea Line Gains Attention World Wide as a Good-For-You Beverage

New Herbal Tea Line Gains Attention World Wide as a Good-For-You Beverage.

Last summer The Herbal Experience released their first 100% Certified Organic tea line at the World Tea Expo. One year later the teas are gaining popularity as far away as Japan for their health promoting benefits. Consumers are savvy enough to know what is healthy and what is not, and right now its all about health.

Las Vegas, NV (PRWEB) September 24, 2010

For consumers who are interested in felling better, losing weight, clearing their skin or boosting their immune system, herbs fit the bill perfectly. However, not all herbs taste good, in fact some are down right nasty. Fortunately, this line of herbal teas are super tasty and will pass the test of your pickiest people. Designed by a Master Herbalist, Nicole Carter, not only do they taste great, they work.

Nicole Carter who also has been teaching herbal medicine classes in her community for many years started the Herbal Experience in 2010. She says that everyone can improve their health with herbs, tea just happens to be an easy and fun way to get them in. "People have come to my classes for years to learn about herbs, I always taught them how to blend tea and use it for different health concerns. They just like to have it done and ready. So, I created a line for those people. It's easy for them, tastes good and does the job" says Nicole of her new tea line.

The new line includes the most popular Thin Me T, for weight loss, Immune T for preventing viral illness, Pretty T to get your exterior gorgeous and Cleanz T to keep your interior ship shape. Nicole has also designed a tea just for pregnant and nursing moms, Mommy T. "This was actually my first blend that I developed and sold to other mom's like myself who were dealing with the issues for pregnancy and beyond,” said Nicole of the Mommy T.

If you think adults are the only ones who can gain the benefits of herbal teas, guess again. With the introduction of Kide T, Nicole hopes to change the thinking of parents from giving sugar-laden juices, to healthy herbal teas with no sugar, no caffeine and lots of nutrients. Triana Hunter, a pediatric nurse of 13 years says "Kids really need lots of nutritional support, especially with what they are bombarded with these days. This tea is great and I recommend it to all my mommies."

The tea blends by Herbal Experience are making their way into many retail outlets across the country and can be purchased directly from their website at www. herbalexperience. com. They offer free samples of 6 blends as well as free shipping on all orders within the U. S.