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The World's Longest Running Alternative Lifestyle Festival Celebrates Its 29th Annual Event

The World's Longest Running Alternative Lifestyle Festival Celebrates Its 29th Annual Event

At the Royal Horticultual Halls in Victoria, London from 25 to 30 May the Mind Body Spirit Festival provides the greatest products and services from the world of alternative lifestyles, spirituality and personal development.

(PRWEB) May 20, 2005

What are you doing for your holidays?

As the heat rises we all feel the need to jump on a plane and head for more exotic climes or out into the country for a bit of serene green - but no matter how far we travel or how long we go for, we always have to come back. Don’t you just hate that sinking feeling you get knowing you’ve got to return to groggy Monday mornings and that ‘grumpy you’ who always feels like they deserve a holiday?

Well, this year, instead of putting thousands of miles between you and the monotony of your daily grind why not take some time to re-invent yourself by changing the things about your life youÂ’re constantly running away fromÂ… Come and see life from a different angle at the Mind Body Spirit Festival at the Royal Horticultural Halls in Victoria and live in a healthier, happier world all year round.

Now although the hustle and bustle of London doesnÂ’t sound like the perfect relaxing holiday destination, once you see the heady multi-cultural smorgasbord of delights on offer within the beautiful Art-Deco surrounds of the halls, youÂ’ll see thereÂ’s no need to trek around the globe for your worldly pleasures.

Take for instance, the unrivalled selection of workshops and talks from our internationally renowned experts. From finding the quickest route to your ‘hot spots’ on a Tantra course, connecting with a flight of angels and guides in one of the many spirit workshops or spending time ‘checking in’ to your body with a sports pilates or yoga class, at the Mind Body Spirit Festival you can embark on a permanent holiday from the ‘stressed you’.

ThereÂ’s so much on offer for the first time visitor interested in sampling the worlds of spirituality and natural health as well as for the seasoned regular returning to hone their growing practice. Inspiration can be found by purely sitting back and soaking up the wonderful free world-music performances, practitioner demonstrations and for the first time at the festival, stand-up comedy in the Age Of Aquariums - with Doris The New Age Guru!

With a vegetarian cafe catered by Leiths, juice bars and over a hundred stands to shop and pick your way through, even the most fleeting visitor is guaranteed to enjoy a little therapy even if it is of the ‘retailÂ’ varietyÂ

No matter on what level you enjoy the festival, with 29 years experience of organising inspirational events Mind Body Spirit relish the opportunity to help you experience more positive ways of living.

So whatever challenge you face on your journey through 2005, the festival is the ultimate guide to all the idyllic retreats of mind, body & spirit hidden away in the urban jungle of your hectic life. ItÂ’s a map, showing the path to the ultimate oasis of happiness, love and light on your exploration of life - YOU...

For more information, go to:

Www. mindbodyspirit. co. uk

General Information: 020 7371 9191

Press contact: Rich Keen

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