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Dallas MSSP challenges other vendors to meet capabilities of continuously adaptive, full-packet analysis and correlation for outsourced cyber security.

(PRWEB) August 16, 2002

DALLAS – (August 16, 2002) Global DataGuard, an advanced technology network security firm, today claims its behavioral analysis engine outperforms any available network intrusion detection systems. The system, called ESP, analyzes and correlates packet data, protocol data, log files and signature databases. By continuing the analysis over extended time periods and setting benchmarks based on network behavior, the ESP system is able to adapt to continuous change. This feature, not found on any other vendor’s products, enables Global DataGuard to identify unwanted intrusion attempts prior to actual intrusions.

“The difference is significant, particularly for security conscious entities like government, banking and healthcare organizations,” says Scott Paly, chief executive officer of Global DataGuard. Most managed security service providers and vendors of intrusion detection products do a great job of responding to attacks. We go beyond that capability and prevent intrusions through sophisticated behavioral analysis.”

While many of the components of the system are proprietary, Paly says the core of the system relies on complex algorithms developed over the past eight years to specifically identify early stages of intrusion attempts.

“We’ve been developing behavioral analysis technology while most vendors were simply trying to tie signature-based detection into their products,” says Paly. “Signatures and patterns are less significant if you can identify unusual behavior and stop it prior to an intrusion.”

Global DataGuard has seen a ten-fold increase in business since introducing its technology last year.

“Any company evaluating intrusion detection immediately understands the advances we’ve made. It makes no sense to implement other solutions when they can take advantage of our methodology and advanced technology.”

About Global DataGuard

Global DataGuard, Inc. provides the most advanced security available for intrusion detection, prevention and correlation on information networks. The company provides security consulting, vulnerability assessments and 24/7 intrusion detection monitoring. Global DataGuard exceeds all other systems through the use of continuously adaptive, behavioral analysis of network activity. The companyÂ’s premier system, ESP, correlates data from a variety of sources and performs in-depth analysis for detection of previously unknown attacks. For more information, please visit our Web site at www. globaldataguard. com, or contact us at (972) 980-1444.

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