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OUTRAGEOUS DETOUR published by author Lindy Anne Nisbet

OUTRAGEOUS DETOUR published by author Lindy Anne Nisbet

Visionary Novel-' Outrageous Detour' by Lindy Anne Nisbet can be purchased through Xlibris publishing service. "Cosmic convergences, psychic'pops' and spiritual sojourns all wrapped up in a funny, sexy entertaining book." Hoyt Hilsman, author and writer, VARIETY

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(Costa Mesa, CA) - Author Lindy Anne Nisbet announced today that her book entitled Outrageous Detour has been published and is now available for purchase nationwide.

After a series of mysterious psychic 'pops', Lulu Glenn is suddenly drawn to the ruins on a mountaintop in Peru called Machu Picchu. She is quickly catapulted, with five others, on an outrageous detour. At a crucial moment, three others join the mix and all eight embark on a zany, fantastical and thought provoking journey that gives them supernatural powers to accomplish an unexpected mission on the sacred Peruvian mountaintop. Lulu Glenn is transformed along the way and clarifies her own journey. Through overcoming unexpected inner and outer obstacles she learns to clear her well worn, yet mist shrouded path to personal mastery.

Lindy Anne Nisbet is a writer, artist, astrologer and Holistic Health Practitioner living in Southern California. She has cast astrological charts and read tarot all over the country, has a small business painting personal mandalas, and obtained a license to handle energy legally. During one of the many dry spells in her professional 22-year acting career, the Harmonic Convergence converged with a significant birthday sending her on the cosmic roller coaster that resulted in this book.

Outrageous Detour can be purchased through the Xlibris Web site at: http://www. xlibris. com/bookstore (http://www. xlibris. com/bookstore) or by calling 1-888-795-4274. The book is also available for sale through the major online booksellers - www. amazon. com, www. BN. com and www. borders. com. To read an excerpt of the book, please visit:

Http://www. xlibris. com/OutrageousDetour. html (http://www. xlibris. com/OutrageousDetour. html)

Lindy Anne Nisbet used two exciting advances in the publishing world to help bring Outrageous Detour to readers: a publishing service called Xlibris, and a new digital printing and distribution technology known as "Print On Demand". Xlibris provided Lindy Anne Nisbet with the tools necessary to get her book published, and Print On Demand allows each individual copy of the book to be printed as it is ordered. For more information about Print on Demand or Xlibris please write to: info@xlibris. com or call 1-888-795-4274.

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