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Plaintiff’s Win No Matter the Verdict - With Today’s Lawsuit Loan Capital

Plaintiff’s Win No Matter the Verdict - With Today’s Lawsuit Loan Capital

"No Win...No Pay... No Risk" Lawsuit Loans put cash without guarantee of settlement in litigants & attorneys hands today. Find out about this innovative approach to venture capital investment. "No one pays much attention to how a person waiting for a case to settle lives, the legal system tends to put people who cannot afford to wait for their money at a disadvantage." - Boston Bar Association Ethics Committee Chairman, Gerry Cohen

Neosho, MO (PRWEB) March 4, 2006

Millions of litigants every year discover first hand Mr. Cohen's assessment, once affected. "Our litigation nightmare ruined us financially" describes Michael Spencer who is “soon to have his day in court” for damages sustained after 4 years of fighting a city where a thriving business once resided. "The city shut down our business down without cause and the extreme hardship we endured in physical, mental and emotional suffering has stolen health, happiness and almost our marriage." Spencer continues, " experiencing a business stolen by government corruption and police brutality are not something most have the resources to survive, and what we discovered is, the costs no matter the cause, affects everything from your standard of living to the long term consequences damaged credit leaves you with for 10 years."

Is there a solution? 1st Choice Funding is convinced there is and “puts money on it” by offering plaintiffs nationwide an innovative opportunity via "No Win...No Pay...No Risk" Lawsuit Loans. The program puts "risk free cash in hand when plaintiffs need it most" vs. "when or if settlement occurs" said company president Timothy S. Gray. With "No Win...No Pay...No Risk" Lawsuit Loans litigants receive cash prior to settlement without;

Case Success 



Monthly Payments 


Repayment on Lost Cases

"No Risk" loans are unheard of from traditional lending approaches says Gray, but the reality is: “Lawsuit Loans” aren’t loans at all, that’s what consumers associate them with.” In reality the money is venture capital offered to Plaintiffs & Attorneys on projected case success recovery, and that’s something conventional lenders just can’t do.”

So what does injured victim Spencer think of the opportunity to have $50,000.00 "Risk Free" money now vs. the lengthy and unsure litigation process? "Whether we win or not we leave this experience without an even larger financial loss. The money was a God Send as it provided us the ability to pay the experts we needed to significantly increase our chances of winning. I think it’s an amazing opportunity."

1st Choice Funding's resources provide money for a wide variety of case types including:

Commercial Cases  

Personal Injury 



Product Liability 

Wrongful Death


Structured Settlement 

Canadian Cases

To find out more about this innovative service log onto the company website at; http://1stchoicefunding. com (http://1stchoicefunding. com)

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