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Kidnexions Releases the Mac Version of its Kids' Savings Software, KidsSave

Kidnexions Releases the Mac Version of its Kids' Savings Software, KidsSave

This current economic climate is a reminder that teaching kids to save and spend wisely is an important life skill. The award-winning kids' savings and money management software is now available to Mac users.

Rocklin, CA (PRWEB) September 1, 2009

Kidnexions has released the Mac OS X version of its kids' savings and money management software program. KidsSave has been available to Windows users since 2007. Easily downloadable from their website (http://www. kidnexions. com (http://www. kidnexions. com)), the software is offered as a free 35-day trial.

"Our number one request was to develop a Mac version of our software," says Karyn Hodgens, co-founder of Kidnexions. "We know the number of Mac users is a growing population so we wanted to make sure that they had access to KidsSave, as well."

KidsSave was designed as a tool to help parents teach their kids, ages six and up, healthy saving and spending habits. Parents, who take on the role of banker, set up accounts for each of their kids which can include automating allowance and offering incentives to get kids to save through matching funds and customized interest.

Kids have their own PIN number to access their personal account where they can record their income and expenses, view their account history, set personal financial goals, and explore their future account value. The young ones can even learn coin and bill recognition in US, Canadian, and Australian currencies and begin adding and subtracting with money.

"It's the complete money management package," says Hodgens. "Kids are actively involved in their money and that's where the real learning takes place. It's one thing if it's your money that's being spent but entirely different if it's theirs."

These tough economic times are a reminder that it's important to prepare our children for their financial futures. KidsSave offers parents a way to establish the money management life skills so essential for future financial success.

About Kidnexions
Kidnexions (kid∙neck∙shuns) was founded on the idea that kids learn best when engaged in interesting and relevant activities that are connected to their everyday lives. Their goal is to build kids' interests by providing opportunities to develop real-world skills through fun, motivating, and meaningful activities. Kidnexions produces a kids' savings and money management software program called KidsSave.

Karyn Hodgens has a BA in Child Development, a Masters of Arts in Education with a Specialization in Elementary Mathematics, and a multiple subjects teaching credential. Her passion is designing real-world lessons that resonate with kids and their interests. Karyn is currently teaching kids how to prepare for their financial future in addition to writing about kids and money issues. 

John Hodgens has a BS in Electrical Engineering. He is currently a software engineer committed to designing software applications that help make teaching science and math concepts easier.