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Organic Cotton Baby Clothes – New Baby Safe Business Helps Father-Daughter Duo Fight Danger of Toxic Chemicals and Pesticides

Organic Cotton Baby Clothes – New Baby Safe Business Helps Father-Daughter Duo Fight Danger of Toxic Chemicals and Pesticides

Organic cotton baby clothes are the life's work of a young California mother who educated her father about the danger of pesticides and herbicides in conventionally grown cotton. "I didn't want toxic chemicals to touch my newborn, and I knew other parents would feel the same way -- if they understood the danger." So, the father-daughter duo decided to do something about it. Safe, soft, stylish organic cotton baby clothes are what they came up with.

Los Angeles, CA (PRWEB) November 8, 2006

A young California mother and her father are the owners of Sage Creek Naturals USA, Inc., a new company that sells quality organic cotton baby clothes and bedding, free of the pesticides and chemicals commonly used in the production of conventional cotton fiber.

"Some parents just don't realize the serious impact that herbicides and other chemicals can have on the health and safety of their infants," says Sage Creek Naturals co-owner Sheryl Zeyen. "Everyone knows it's dangerous to eat or inhale toxic substances, but how many consider that our skin also absorbs chemicals -- and that a baby's skin is only one-sixth the thickness of an adult's?"

As the owner of a large national software company, Zeyen's father, Alan Cohen, never dreamed he would launch a baby clothing business. Yet, he admits being surprised when his daughter -- pregnant with her first child -- educated him about the dangers of conventionally grown cotton.

"What Sheryl said got my attention, especially when I learned that even one tiny cotton shirt -- the kind sold at Wal-Mart and Target, right on up to those sold in exclusive department stores -- requires a quarter-pound of chemicals to grow the cotton," says Cohen. "Now I know the truth. This so-called 'natural' fiber is the most pesticide-dependent crop in the world."

According to the Organic Trade Association, an organization that encompasses all sectors of the organic industry from food to fashion, U. S. organic product sales are a $15 billion a year industry. "The cotton used to manufacture Sage Creek's clothing is grown according to highly regulated guidelines and practices established by Skal International," says Cohen. Skal International, an independent, nonprofit inspection organization, certifies Sage Creek's organic cotton with the Skal seal. This seal of approval is not only a guarantee of organic standards, but also signifies that the social rights of cotton producers are upheld.

Zeyen says the fact that her daughter Rachel Chana, was born two months premature, provided the incentive to produce high quality organic cotton baby clothes and bedding that would benefit her child as well as children everywhere.

"Every baby is small and vulnerable, but Rachel Chana was especially tiny. Our concern for her health inspired us, and the business developed from there." Now, the playful, smiling toddler models Sage Creek organic cotton baby clothes on her mother's and grandfather's company website www. sagecreeknaturals. com.

With organic foods gaining in popularity and now found in the local grocery store, there is an increased awareness about the healthier choices available to families. "Parents are concerned about providing food choices for their children that taste good and are healthy also," says Zeyen. "The trend is when there's an option available that looks and tastes great and it happens to be organic too, parents and grandparents are saying 'yes'! When it comes to organic cotton baby clothes and bedding, Sage Creek is the "delicious and healthy choice for kids."

Zeyen says it is the quality of their organic cotton that led moms and dads to ask that a line of bedding be created just for them. "Parents love their Sage Creek organic cotton sheets just as much as babies love sleeping on their organic cotton crib sheets."

"Sage Creek organic cotton baby clothes are modern yet nostalgic. Luxurious and innocent. Sophisticated with a touch of sweetness. But the first thing parents notice, before anything else, is how soft and well-made our clothes and bedding are."

Sage Creek organic cotton baby clothes can be found online, in boutiques and at select quality retailers, says Zeyen.

To see all the great styles and range of products available from Sage Creek visit www. sagecreeknaturals. com or call Sage Creek at (877) 513. 2183.