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FocalPoint Anounces End-of-Year Savings on M2M & Wireless Research Reports

FocalPoint Anounces End-of-Year Savings on M2M & Wireless Research Reports

The FocalPoint Group, a leader market intelligence firm, is offering discounts on its wireless and M2M research reports. These reports have been used by many of the high-tech and healthcare industry's leading companies to gain a better understanding of the future of wireless and related technologies over the next 3-5 years.

San Francisco, CA (PRWEB) December 2, 2005

Looking for some of the most comprehensive and well-received market research ever assembled on the M2M (machine-to-machine) and wireless arenas? Have research budget that you’ll lose at the beginning of the year? Well, The FocalPoint Group is offering an unprecedented opportunity to purchase market research reports on the M2M marketplace at substantially discounted prices. As of December 1st, any company purchasing any one of the three following reports will receive an automatic $500 discount on the price of each report (if purchased before Friday, January 13th):

1) M2M Adoption Forecast (regularly $4500, on sale for $4000): a complete look at where, when, and how M2M activities will occur in the coming years. This report includes data based on surveys and interviews with over 400 companies, provides market projections, and analyzes market trends and forces. This report is a must have for any company looking to participate or take advantage of M2M and related wireless technologies.

2) Wireless in Healthcare (regularly $2500, on sale for $2000): provides a look at how wireless technologies including RFID, ZigBee, and WiFi are impacting the healthcare arena. This report includes cases studies of real-world applications, and provides market projections about how the various wireless technologies will be adopted and at what rates. This report is required reading for any company involved in making or using next generation medical devices and services.

3) M2M Barometer Report (regularly $750, on sale for $250): The Barometer report is a unique compilation of research conducted with leading M2M providers. We surveyed numerous vendors about their attitudes, implementations, and challenges competing within the M2M arena. This report provides vendors with a clearer perspective of how the M2M arena is likely to grow and evolve.

Special Combo Package (all three reports for $5500): In addition to the special $500 discount, The FocalPoint is offering a “combo package” for any company looking to purchase all three reports. This one-time offer allows a company to have all three aforementioned reports for a total of $5500. What would normally cost $7750 to purchase all three reports will now cost $2250 less. Act now to benefit from the incredible savings on this market research. In addition, any company buying the combo package will receive three hours of analyst access time to review the materials or to ask questions.

With the New Year rapidly approaching, now is the best time to reflect on your corporate strategy and technology plans. These research reports have been utilized by some of the leading players in the M2M and wireless arena. Take this opportunity to learn why The FocalPoint Group has been relied on by dozens of the industry’s leading companies. To take advantage of this offer, email John Williams at jwilliams@thefpgroup. com.

The FocalPoint Group, LLC (www. thefpgroup. com), is a San Francisco-based market research and strategic advisory firm with a history of providing insightful, cutting edge market intelligence to leading Fortune 500 companies, start-ups, governmental agencies, and industry associations. For additional information about M2M and wireless technologies view our company created site at www. m2mpoint. com.

To gain copies of the report brochures or to learn more about these studies contact:

John C. Williams, Managing Director

The FocalPoint Group, LLC


jwilliams@thefpgroup. com

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