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Geonetric Attends eHealth Developers Summit in California

Geonetric Attends eHealth Developers Summit in California

Geonetric, an internet technology leader for hospitals and health systems, recently attended the eHealth DevelopersÂ’ Summit 2004 in Huntington Beach, California, held November 10-12. The conference was by invitation only for executive and managerial level professionals who are directly involved in eHealth development or funding. The summit is the only national conference that focuses solely on issues related to the eHealth industry.

Cedar Rapids, IA (PRWEB) November 21, 2004

The conference began with a panel of experts discussing “The State of eHealth” and also included several other presentations and breakout sessions. A discussion of Ethical and regulatory issues for eHealth Developers was held that included a discussion of HIPAA compliance regulations. Other discussions included eHealth: Who Pays, Who Plays, and a session on Developing eHealth Strategies for Provider Organizations. Hospitals that want to be ahead of the curve need to begin thinking about how they can centralize their processes,” said Ben Dillon, Vice President of Strategic Services at Geonetric. The summit helps enhance communication between developers and key stakeholders, identify problems and possible solutions as well as provide the opportunity to network with professionals across many sectors from the eHealth field.

According to Dillon, “The summit was very effective in looking at ehealth technologies from a many different angles. It’s clear that there are substantial benefits that they can bring to everyone involved – healthcare providers, payers, employers, the government and, most importantly, healthcare consumers. What continues to be less clear is which of these groups are going to take it upon themselves to move ehealth technologies into the mainstream.”

About Geonetric

Founded in 1999 in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, Geonetric provides hospitals and health systems with new online strategies to broaden communication with patients and within the organization itself.

VitalSite, their suite of seamless web portals, provides the groundwork for breaking the language barrier between internal legacy systems, enabling software to communicate, departments to collaborate and brand experiences to be unified, bringing continuity to the healthcare industry.

For more information, visit http://www. geonetric. com/ (http://www. geonetric. com/).

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