Monday, September 1, 2008

Leading Tibetan supplement e-tailer - HerboTibet Merges with Sister Company

Leading Tibetan supplement e-tailer - HerboTibet Merges with Sister Company

Leading e-tailer Tibetan supplement - HerboTibet Merges with Sister Company

San Jose, CA (PRWEB) January 22, 2004

(Herbal Tech) HerboTibet. com is the leading online source for Tibetan herbal medicine. It is celebrated for acting as a bridge between eastern and western remedies, and has announced its merger with its sister company ZY66 headquarter in Macau, China this January. HerboTibet. com is respected as a professional online source for Tibetan herbal supplements with free advice, consultations, and assistance in order to improve health and thus give customers a happier life.

Discussion of a merger between the two companies commenced in December with the final decision being announced in January. The merger is intended to not only improve the quality of herbal supplements, but it will offer HerboTibet customers a broader range of experts better equipped to address their health questions and concerns; as well as show how and why the herbal supplements are effective. Zy66 has agreed to provide a customer service support team of doctors and scientists specially trained in the field of Tibetan medicine to answer all inquiries made by HerboTibet customers.

HerboTibet. com takes drastic measures to carefully select and evaluate herbal supplements sold on our website. HerboTibet. com was able to join together with Zy66 because their team of expert scientists possesses a proven track record for developing the safest and highest quality herbal supplements.

HerboTibet is currently in the process of working with Zy66 to launch a new line of all-natural herbal medicines aimed at providing care and relief for the prostate. Products are expected to be available online in mid-March.

To inquire about our latest products or for free advice and assistance, visit the HerboTibet website at www. HerboTibet. com or call 1-888-927-1900.