Friday, September 5, 2008

Turn Your Dreams Into Reality

Turn Your Dreams Into Reality

Next generation network marketing company.

(PRWEB) February 13, 2005

CyberWize. com was founded in 1998 headquartered in Sarasota Florida. The company's business model has been likened to the popular eBay who has 28 million people earning income by marketing $20 billion dollars of products in 2003. With CyberWize you have no inventory, no billing, no shipping and receiving, and there are thousands joining every month. Success breeds Success! Millionaire Magazine took interest in this company and wrote a 4 page article featuring top income earners Brad and Marcia Hager. In addition to this Millionaire Magazine committed to an additional 12 issues featuring upcoming top income earners. One of the fastest growing segments of internet sales is travel. the travel industry is growing 23% faster than the world economy. The travel industry is expected to double in the next 6.5 years. CyberWize offers a travel agent tutorial program featuring a personalized travel booking website, referring travel agent credentials, and huge discounts on hotels, car rentals, luxury cruises and vacation packages. Another exciting product line with CyberWize is its health and wellness sloutions. There is over $63 billion dollars spent on nutrition in the United States each year. CyberWize has an exciting troup of health products. One feature product that is changing lives is Vital Stress X. Vital Stress X was develoved with the input and study of 1200 scientists, 45 years of research. It assists in improved sleep, increased energy, and improved mental and physical performance, plus many other facinating benefits. One other amazing product line CyberWize offers is personal and business solutions in the product CyberTax. CyberTax is a product that teaches a person to turn their home office into a tax deduction, send their children to college tax-free, pay their children $4,700 in tax free income a year, write off travel and vacation expenses, and offers an audit protection service. This productwas developed by tax expert Sandy Botkin who has helped over 50 thousand taxpayers save over 300 million dollars. CyberWize has an incredible compensation plan, a car bouns program that will pay up to $1,200 per month on the motorized vehicle of your choice that is 2 years of age or newer. There is a national support system that provides local, area, and regional trainings, conference calls, and web meetings each week. One of the extrodinary things that CyberWize will also do is provide a full income disclosure to each and every person interested in obtaining one.

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