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Dog Scheduled to be Put to Sleep Gets New Leash on Life at age 15 Thanks to Local News Station

Dog Scheduled to be Put to Sleep Gets New Leash on Life at age 15 Thanks to Local News Station

When "Sasha", Trisha and Eric Lobefaro's 15 year old Terrier began to deteriorate, her loving owners felt the end was inevitable. After calling the vet to schedule an appointment to put her to sleep, they remembered a brief segment on KCAL Channel 9 in California a year earlier, about a breakthrough new product to relieve pain in dogs and cats. Thanks to Channel 9's awareness and concern for pet issues and to By Vets Only, a new natural pet product company, Sasha is loving life again.

Scottsdale, AZ (PRWEB) December 2, 2004

Several months ago Trisha and Eric Loberfaro were faced with a difficult choice. Their beloved 15 year old Terrier Sasha was falling down, crying and had severe discomfort laying down long enough to sleep. Her debilitating arthritis was taking its toll. They called their vet and scheduled an appointment to put Sasha to sleep. During the call, the vet stated Sasha may have arthritis.

It was then that Trisha remembered a story that ran last January, 2004 on KCAL Channel 9 in California. The story featured a new pain relief product for dogs and cats. Trisha remembered she wrote down the name of the product after seeing the news segment. Almost a year after seeing the KCAL Channel 9 segment, she found the info on Petaprin and contacted the company By Vets Only in Scottsdale, Arizona.

“After the first day on Petaprin, I noticed a difference in the way she was walking. After about a week she was running around like a puppy and is doing GREAT!” says Trisha. “I now tell all my friends and family about Petaprin. Thank you, it’s TRULY AMAZING” she wrote in a testimonial on November 22, 2004.

Trisha is not the only one. Dozens of other KCAL viewers, including Bonnie Tijerina of Riverside, CA watched the same segment and are now buy Petaprin religiously as it works quickly and effectively to relieve joint pain in their beloved pets. Bonnie Tijerina sent pictures of her 3 dogs to the makers of Petaprin and wrote a letter stating, “I’ve never endorsed any other product because they never worked…Petaprin does!!” [complete testimonial letters available upon request]

So why was KCAL’s timing of this story so important? Veterinarian of 30 years, Dr. Thom Myers, of Mesa Arizona explains that for pets and people, “during cold or damp weather, a physiological change occurs which alters the pressure within the joints”. He adds that “although our core body temperature remains fairly constant, the extremities [arms and legs] are very susceptible to changes in outside temperatures and humidity”. Again, Dr. Myers adds, “these changes cause a contraction or dilation of the joint space which can dramatically alter the pressure inside the joint, thus stimulating the inflammatory response” In an already compromised joint, the combination can be extremely painful and debilitating and can change the quality of life for people and pets.

The awesome results can be attributed to the herbs and natural food sources within Petaprin. Among many ingredients in Petaprin, the herb White Willow Bark has been proven to reduce inflammation while the Green Lipped Mussel has been studied extensively for its benefits in rebuilding cartilage and joint fluid and blocking certain enyme pathways [COX2 5-LOX and 12-LOX] which cause inflammation. The ingredients in Petaprin are also gastro-protective, meaning they do not erode the stomach lining like many aspirins and prescription remedies.

Veterinarian Dr. Thom Myers who tested Petaprin in his veterinary clinic experienced the same amazing result with his own 14 year old Bassett, “Polka”, he is now the spokesperson for the company.

These days By Vets Only, Inc, www. byvetsonly. com, continues to expand their pet product line with the help of vets, chemists, and professional formulators. Currently the anti-anxiety product PetaCalm containing all natural herbs is available for dogs that are stressed or anxious. PetMulti Senior Formula is available for dogs that lack essential nutrients, an important part of healing and reducing premature aging. The company plans to release 3 additional products by the end of 2004, they include a natural equine pain reliever in its final stage of testing, an herbal parasite product and PetaMint, a bad breath neutralizer for dogs, which is also currently in its final stages of testing. (Samples available to the press upon request).

“The customers appreciate the fact that I love making their pets healthier, and I appreciate the chance to do that for them.” says Swartz, co-founder of By Vets Only, Inc.

By Vets Only products are available online at www. byvetsonly. com Press information available at www. byvetsonly. com/pressroom. html (http://www. byvetsonly. com/pressroom. html )
To schedule an interview with Ms. Swartz please call Toll free 1-800-805-1846 or Email byvetsonly@msn. com

You may call either CA resident to conduct an interview:

To contact Trisha Loberfaro of Winnetka, CA directly please call 1-818-712-0008.

To contact Bonnie Tijerina of Riverside, CA directly please call 1-951-685-9273.

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By Vets Only, Inc has recently teamed up with Pets911, www., the largest and most reputable Animal Rescue Resource and Lost And Found Organization in the US. This partnership will provide one-of-a-kind affiliate donation program to 9,500 shelters and rescues throughout the country, whereas 25% of any By Vets Only order will be donated to participating rescues. This program launched Novemer 15th on the www. website. A product and company endorsement can be seen on the website as well.

[By Vets Only, IncÂ’s sister company By Doctors Only, Inc also has a human product Etaprin for joint pain relief in humans. Etaprin is endorsed by Hall of Fame Athlete Gale Sayers and is available at www. bydoctorsonly. com Interviews are also available with Mr. Sayers upon request.]