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Oracle VP joins cBrain Technology

Oracle VP joins cBrain Technology

Former Oracle VP Peter Perregaard joins cBrain Technology as a partner and co-owner. Until April 2004 he was VP EMEA for Oracle Corp.

(PRWEB) November 24, 2004

"I have spent the past 6 months evaluating the market potential for the latest technology opportunities and related companies. In my opinion the most exciting change is to be found in connection with the emergence of service oriented architecture (SOA) with individual web services support for business processes. This paradigm will fundamentally change the software industry", says Peter Perregaard.

CBrain Technology has worked with SOA based process solutions for several years and has the potential to take a leadership position in this marketplace. I chose to join cBrain in order to help exploit this international potential which very few European software companies have done to this extent, he continues.

CBrain was founded in 2002 by Per Tejs Knudsen, the original founder of Maconomy. Maconomy is listed on the Copenhagen stock exchange. From the start cBrain has focused on optimizing business and knowledge processes using component based web solutions as the starting point – a practice that gets more and more popular within large corporations and organizations looking for efficient process optimization delivered in weeks rather than years.

CBrainÂ’s process apps challenges decades of IT thinking. Instead of supporting all kind of processes with standard solutions like ERP or CRM you optimize individual processes with individual web services fully integrated with the rest of the organization's infrastructure. The potential for process optimization is huge and I believe it is impossible for large corporations to ignore this development, Peter Perregaard concludes.

CBrain has implemented solutions for a number of large companies in Europe and the USA. Peter PerregaardÂ’s experience will benefit both clients and employees and help develop cBrain internationally.

Per Tejs Knudsen says: We spent the first 2 years establishing a sound component based technology platform, a healthy customer base and a sound and profitable business model. Peter Perregaard is a great step forward with respect to exploiting the market potential of cBrainÂ’s technology platform.

Peter Perregaard starts December 1st 2004 in the Copenhagen, Denmark office.

About cBrain:

CBrain delivers individual WEB solutions supporting business processes, communication and knowledge sharing.

Challenging 20 years of IT thinking where all types of processes had to be supported by a standard solution, cBrainÂ’s innovative SOA design methodology takes its starting point in the organizationÂ’s critical success factors by supporting the core business processes and roles with focused process applications. Enabling business development to spring from a continuous assessment of which processes will benefit the most from being optimized in contrast to traditional standard systems where you have to postpone the process optimization until the next upgrade version of the standard system is available, often only once a year.

Technically cBrainÂ’s solutions are based on XML and service oriented architecture (SOA) and the individual customer solutions are based on a library of XML components. The consequences of this development method are more flexible solutions, faster delivery resulting in less expensive projects.

CBrainÂ’s projects cover a number of solution areas in both private and public sector, e. g. Content Management (CMS), Document Management, Workflow Support, Portals, e-Business, e-Procurement and Membership Management.

Customers include Carlsberg, DRV, British Tourist Industry, Clear Channel, Emperion, Frederikshavn Municipality, Divas Uncorked, Railion, SEAS, SocialDemocrats og Sonofon Partner.

For further information contact Poul Hebsgaard at pjh@cbrain-technology. com or call 508-229-2774.