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Prominent Houston Maritime Lawyers Call for Greater Oversight of Companies Operating Offshore After Oil Rig Explosion

Prominent Houston Maritime Lawyers Call for Greater Oversight of Companies Operating Offshore After Oil Rig Explosion

LegalTube. com announces Houston Jones Act attorneys’ call to action after the recent explosion and fire on the Deepwater Horizon oil rig operated by Transocean. Ltd. off the Louisiana coast

Houston, TX (Vocus) April 26, 2010

LegalTube. com, the premier attorney video web site (http://www. legaltube. com), announces one of Houston’s premier maritime & Jones Act law firm’s call for overwhelming need for closer oversight of the companies operating oil rigs offshore by the federal government’s Mineral Management Service (MMS). Jeffery L. Raizner, a partner with the Houston law firm of Doyle Raizner specializing in maritime accidents such as the Deepwater Horizon’s explosion, stated “this tragic oil rig disaster is almost certainly the result of a management culture that gives safety plenty of lip service but not enough preparation and enforcement. Offshore oil drilling companies must approach safety with an eye toward the worst possible things that can happen at sea – fire, explosions, sinking.”

The maritime and Jones Act attorneys (http://www. legaltube. com/breaking-news-hot-list/maritime-lawyers-experts-on-offshore-injuries-navigation-and-shipping. aspx) at Doyle Raizner LLP believe that it is clear that there are too many operations and too many companies operating offshore to track for the limited inspection resources of the Mineral Management Service. As a result the oil exploration industry that operates oil rigs and oil drilling platforms is left to “regulate” itself, leading far too often to unnecessary death and injury of oil rig workers, as well as environmental damage, right off our coasts. There are well-documented instances of offshore injuries being concealed by offshore drilling companies even though they are required to be reported to government authorities. Without a clear understanding of the real risks and hazards being faced by the workers in our offshore industries, there is no real way for the risks to be properly addressed. Whether looking at a driller, roughneck, or floorhand, or even a supply boat crewmember, their health and safety is too important to be placed entirely in the hands of self-interested industries. There is no reason to believe that moving out of sight of land means industry will behave better.

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