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Hard Times at Home Yield Record Crowd for InternationalLiving. com’s Live & Invest Overseas Conference in Las Vegas, Nevada

Hard Times at Home Yield Record Crowd for InternationalLiving. com’s Live & Invest Overseas Conference in Las Vegas, Nevada

A faltering economy, high cost of living, skyrocketing health care costs, and political gridlock have combined to help sell out InternationalLiving. com’s annual conference on living and investing abroad, with a record 500 seats reserved for attendees heading to Las Vegas, Nevada, for the two-day event.

Baltimore, MD (Vocus) August 30, 2010

Hard times at home mean more Americans than ever are exploring the option of living better for less by moving abroad.

No one knows exactly how many people have already moved overseas looking for a lower cost of living, more affordable health care, lower property taxes, and better investments. But if attendance at InternationalLiving. com’s annual Live & Invest Overseas Conference is any indication, more will be joining them soon.

Registration for InternationalLiving. com’s only U. S.-based lifestyle conference of the year has set a record with 500 seats reserved for attendees, making the annual conference the largest event in the company’s 30-year history.

“Attendance at all our conferences has been rising,” says Jackie Flynn, Publisher of InternationalLiving. com. “Most of our half-dozen events each year take place outside the U. S., so we knew there would be some pent-up demand for our only U. S.-based lifestyle conference in September. But we didn’t anticipate filling every seat in our 500-seat Las Vegas venue and having to cut off registration weeks before the actual event.”

The Live & Invest Overseas Conference will take place at the Red Rock Casino, Resort, and Spa in Las Vegas, Nevada, September 17-18. Attendees at the two-day conference will hear first-hand from experts and current expats from around the world about the best places outside the U. S. to retire, relocate, or invest.

“We were gratified earlier this year when we had more than 350 attendees at our event in Quito, Ecuador,” says Flynn. “We knew that drawing that many people all the way to South America meant that interest was keen in the U. S. for ways to live better for less money and get better health care than is possible in the States right now.

“This record-setting interest in our Las Vegas event bears that out. If this interest in escaping the economic and political problems in the U. S. continues, we’ll have to find larger venues for our events.”

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