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Want a New Lease of Life for your Pet? – Try a Magnet

Want a New Lease of Life for your Pet? – Try a Magnet

Dogs, cats and horses (and their owners) all over Australia can now benefit from an innovative range of health, lifestyle and healthcare products. Established 14 years in Europe, UK company Ecoflow have just launched their network in Sydney, Australia (November 2005). The company are now seeking enthusiastic people to represent their products as a low-cost business start-up or add-on. An ideal article for your general interest, health or lifestyle sections.

SYDNEY, Australia (PRWEB) November 30, 2005

Sometimes it’s the simple things that make the biggest difference to our lives, and the lives of those we care about. Gill Clark discovered the benefits of magnetic therapy and a great, low-cost business opportunity whilst out walking in the countryside…

She had spotted an old Labrador struggling to jump out of a car. The dog’s owner confessed that the walks might soon have to stop due to the animal’s severe arthritis. Several weeks later Gill saw the same dog again - but this time it was running around! She was intrigued.

The dog’s owner said that the change had occurred after the dog started wearing a special kind of magnetic collar. He explained that the magnets work by creating a powerful magnetic field through which the blood flows. There are several theories as to exactly what happens, but one is that is that the magnetised blood is able to somehow regulate its acid/alkali balance, allowing it to carry oxygen and nutrients more efficiently around the body. Waste materials and toxins, including lactic acid (one of the most common cause of pain in cases of injury, inflammation or illness) are then thought to be removed more quickly.

But theories aside, Gill was so impressed with what she saw with her own eyes that she wanted to know more. She learned that the magnet in the dog’s collar was a ‘Bioflow’ - different from ordinary static magnets because it uses a technology called Central Reverse Polarity. This was designed by a British inventor to try to mimic the therapeutic effects of electromagnetic units often used to aid healing and relieve pain.

Bioflow magnets have been popular since they were first introduced into the UK ten years ago. They are not available in shops but are only sold through a network of independent distributors. More than 2.5 million units have been bought and there is a range of products catering for people, cats, dogs and horses.

Manufacturer Ecoflow is so confident in the magnets that it sells them with a 90 day money back satisfaction guarantee (-15% admin deduction.)

Bioflow magnetic therapy products are now available in Australia, following a recent launch in Sydney and Ecoflow is offering motivated individuals an opportunity to join a well-established and vibrant international network as independent distributors. Ecoflow distributorships are often run alongside an existing business or occupation and anyone can do it.

If you are interested in joining the Ecoflow network in Australia, email Gill Clark, who is now an Independent Ecoflow Distributor at gill@careflow. co. uk or visit http://www. careflow. co. uk/ecoflow-business-opportunity (http://www. careflow. co. uk/ecoflow-business-opportunity).

Bioflow for people and animals is just one of a range of Ecoflow’s innovative health, lifestyle and environmental products, which include devices designed to help the body cope with the effects of mobile phone and computer use and a range of magnetic products designed to condition fuel in cars, heating systems and water in the home. To find out more about Ecoflow visit: http://www. ecoflow. plc. uk (http://www. ecoflow. plc. uk).

PHOTOS: You can download hi-res pictures (300dpi jpeg) of images to accompany this article from http://www. careflow. co. uk/australia/PR. htm (http://www. careflow. co. uk/australia/PR. htm)

Note to Editor:

For almost a decade Ecoflow has been at the forefront of developing the science behind ‘Bioflow’ magnets which use Central Reverse Polarity™ magnets into practical, user friendly products which it markets through its own network of Independent Distributors. Established since 1991 the company currently has distributors across the UK and Europe and in 2005 an Ecoflow network opened in Australia. Ecoflow has twice been included in the Virgin Fast Track 100 list of top one hundred fastest growing UK private companies and has achieved ISO 9001 quality certification and ISO 14001 environmental accreditation. In 2002 Ecoflow was acclaimed as visionary by the BT Vision research & awards programme.