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HCG Diet Direct Responds to Nevada State Board of Medical Examiners HCG Approval

HCG Diet Direct Responds to Nevada State Board of Medical Examiners HCG Approval

HCG Diet Direct responds to Nevada State Board of Medical Examiners HCG Approval.

Phoenix, AZ (Vocus) March 24, 2010

HCG (http://www. hcgdietdirect. com/hcg-diet-news/hcg-approved-nevada. html) Diet Direct responds to the recent approval of HCG as a weight loss drug by the Nevada State Board of Medical Examiners. At a meeting on March 5, 2010 the State Board of Medical Examiners voted unanimously to allow the use of human chorionic gonadotropin (HCG).

Medical professionals in the state questioned the delayed approval and express relief that the popular weight loss method was voted through the board. The board’s decision followed being contacted personally by several medical professionals vouching for the product after personal use for drastic weight loss.

HCG Diet (https://www. hcgdietdirect. com/secured/) Direct’s Jenny Boynton responded, “Nevada’s acceptance of HCG as a viable method for drastic weight loss was delayed in comparison to the surrounding states. The FDA leaves the approval or non approval of HCG use for weight loss up to individual states. Nevada was surrounded by states that were not only accepting HCG use for weight loss, but benefiting from it as an effective reaction to the spread of obesity.”

HCG Diet Direct aids consumers in losing weight using all natural, homeopathic methods. The homeopathic HCG weight loss formula offers weight loss results of 1 to 2 pounds per day. It also forces dieters to learn to cook/prepare healthy meal choices required by the strict dieting protocol. Maintenance success rates are higher due to the fact that dieters walk away from the diet with new habits that support their new, healthier weight.

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