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Allegro Presents Medical Supplies Guidelines for Disaster Relief

Allegro Presents Medical Supplies Guidelines for Disaster Relief

In order to ease disaster relief coordination at regional and international levels, Allegro Medical has provided guidelines for deploying the proper medical supplies and equipment paramount to the initial and sustained efforts of restoring normalcy to a disaster area and survivors.

Mesa, AZ (PRWEB) January 22, 2010

To coordinate resources during disaster relief efforts, aid in the form of physical assistance, food and water, financial support, and medical supplies must be orchestrated immediately and effectively. Acquiring and deploying the right types of medical supplies (http://www. allegromedical. com/) and medical equipment is imperative during both the initial and sustained efforts. The following is a brief sourcing guide for medical supplies when providing disaster relief.

Acute and post-acute injuries are extremely common during disasters. Several wound care supplies, such as bandages and dressings, are recommended for advanced wound treatment. A variety of dressings are suitable for this purpose, including foam dressings, which are easily removed and provide thermal insulation and moisture to a healing wound. Hydrocolloid dressings also maintain a moist environment, reacting with wound exudates to form a protective gel-like covering. Antimicrobial and alginate dressings and hydrogels also keep wounds moist and promote healing.

Also important for wound care (http://www. allegromedical. com/wound-care-c541.html) during disasters, Allegro also sells medical supplies such as gauze pads, alcohol prep pads, low-adhesive medical tape, cotton elastic and sports tapes, as well as waterproof, breathable specialty tapes to hold dressings and gauze in place. Sterile, cotton tip applicators are recommended in boxes of up to 2,000, while 100% cotton packing strips, soft gauze in pads and rolls with sponges, and silicon or collagen dressings for wounds, burns, and skin ulcers should be ordered in significant quantities. Wound cleansers also adsorb drainage, deodorize wounds, remove dead tissue, and remove bacteria and debris prior to dressing.

Disposable medical exam gloves top the list of emergency supplies requested during recovery operations. They are inexpensive and provide necessary protection for those administering wound care supplies to the injured. Allegro carries a full line of vinyl and latex exam gloves (powdered and powder-free) as well as Nitrile (protein-free, chemical resistant) gloves. For emergencies, Latex exam gloves (http://www. allegromedical. com/swine-flu-c7240/latex-powder-free-exam-gloves-p214277.htmlhttp:/www. allegromedical. com/swine-flu-c7240/latex-powder-free-exam-gloves-p214277.html) are the most popular option because of their affordability, fit, degree of protection, strength and elasticity.

Craig Hood, CEO of Allegro Medical, said, “The immediate hours and days following a disaster event are critical, and are not the time for agencies to be shopping around for supplies. At Allegro, we offer hundreds of medical supplies in bulk quantities, at affordable prices.”

Other medical supplies for disaster relief such as syringes, surgical equipment; hand sanitizers, antiseptics, casting supplies, swabs, first aid kits, hygiene supplies and water purifiers are all available from Allegro. All supplies can be purchased on the company’s website and are listed by category, brand, condition, and body part. Allegro will even match better deals found online and also offers low-cost reorder shipping rates which facilitate the process of resupplying critical consumable medical supplies.

“Treating wounds and avoiding infections are top priorities immediately following a disaster. We are the primary source for products you need to get out on the field to help bring life back to normal in the disaster zone,” added Hood.

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